Throwing the Shade(s)


My dad- the king of the aviators. Just a random Tuesday chez nous.

Would the real slim shady please stand up?

Shit. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head and I only know like 2 lines so it'll be those two on repeat.  Geesh.

Clearly we're talking spectacles today as I'm following the Blended Blog prompts for fashion for the next so many Wednesdays in the hopes of getting me out of my blogging funk.  I also filed my nails down so I actually like typing.  Random. I know.


Since laser eyeball cutting off surgery last year, I have been an avid sunglass wearer...before that not so much, so I'm pretty new to the sunglass love game.

I have found a fave though in the past year and have managed to snaggle a couple of pairs from this brand.   Have you heard of Quay Australia sunglasses? They're popping up in boutiquey local stores (like White Dahlia or Dutch Growers) in Saskatoon and I'm sure they're everywhere else too.  I love them because they're fun and different and I like to think that I'm also fun and different.  The price point is a little high, so letmetellyou how excited I was when I found them on Hautelook via Nordstrom Rack for much cheaper (here)

This is my first fun pair:

and the second fun pair that I found during a moment of weakness while floating around on Nordstrom Rack online....

Okay.  This last pair is a confession.  I hate to love and love to hate the Kardashians.  I cringe while I watch their show but I watch it.  I buy (and love) the Kylie lip kits...just bought a KKW concealer kit yesterday and I couldn't help myself but got the following sunglasses from Khloe's collab with Diffeyewear (here

So there you have it.  I'm a weird sunglass addict and I don't want to do anything about it.


  1. I love sunglasses, those last aviators are my favorite on you...very movie star!!

  2. Love your picks. The first ones are my fave but all of them look fab on you!

  3. Sunglasses are a great investment, my eyes are so sensitive I wear them all the time. You look great in all of these!

  4. Loooove sunglasses . I buy cheap ones since i lose them so much

  5. I'm jealous of your fun sunglasses. Sunnies usually look weird on my face so I have to be very particular about which ones I get and therefore don't have many pairs.

  6. I've always loved those white ones. You look like a movie star!

  7. Super cute. I love chunky framed glasses!

  8. You wear glasses/sunglasses better than anyone I know.

  9. I have a pair for Quay glasses too but mine are black and boring. Unlike your fancy ness. Also, the amount of regular sunglasses I have is ridiculous considering that I wear my prescription ones like 85% of the time.

  10. A sunglass obsession. Hmm. Aright then. I do not have this problem at all. In fact I like sunglass shopping as much as bra/bathing suit shopping. For real! Maybe I need to take you with me. I only have one pair and if I am being honest, I just keep getting the same type over and over again.

  11. Love a pair of sunnies, I've nearly always go a pair on, especially if the sun is remotely shining! Jacqui Mummabstylish


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