Spring Sprang Sprung


I am only willing to talk about Spring today because it seems we have skipped it and have headed straight into summer with temperatures in the high teens...practically tropical to me, which thusly puts me into a great mood.  How quickly I forget the snow......

Spring in Saskatchewan is super confusing.  One year you can be driving in blizzards in April to get to the bus stop where you eat snow and make snow treble clefs.

Or another year you can be enjoying an early melt and ready to get your green thumb moving right at the beginning of May.

Sadly, this year is the late snow and late melt year which means that ball season and all fun outdoor plans have been delayed.  We still have snow in our backyard which means no outdoor ball games yet.

Regardless- spring to me is open windows, spring cleaning, that fresh snow melting smell, beers on the deck and walking around without a jacket.
It's the little things, right?

We had an eventful spring weekend that included two birthday parties, one Harry Potter symphony night out, a great visit and sleep over with company and a beautiful walk through the 60 acre woods.

Candace and I trying to remember how to jump rope at Ben's birthday

Just being the boss at Kinsey's birthday

Harry Pottery Symphony Night

Two besties walking in the woods

Two besties walking in the woods

Supper with the family
Spring always makes weekends better.
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  1. I know winter has been super long this year for you northerners. I hope it ends soon but love that you are enjoying life in spite of it.

  2. Love that pic of you with the crown. The symphony sounds lovely!

  3. Better late than never I suppose! Spring/Summer will arrive and in the meantime you are living the good life - looks like a wonderful weekend!

  4. We have had 5 of 9 baseball games cancelled. Spring is what we make it no matter the weather and you make it grand and sweet!

  5. Ahh, I think spring has finally arrived for us, too! I went for a walk with a tank top on yesterday. A TANK TOP! Craziness!

  6. We've had pretty similar winters this year I think, Deena. It looks like perhaps our snowfall today missed you though! Hope so! Actually it is already starting to melt, as temperatures are on the rise. Happy spring!

  7. WHY is winter lasting for four thousand years?!? Looks like you guys had a fun weekend.


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