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I am Deena.  I was born Dena but changed my name when I was 13.  I love my family and friends fiercely but also need my breaks and my 'me' time.  I stand proudly and firmly rooted in the Canadian prairies.  The open skies, whether dancing with Northern Lights or speckled with millions of stars blankets our home.  I live just outside of Saskatoon on an acreage but am from Prince Albert.

It is cold here.  Often.  You may wonder why people would want to live here, but I think just by looking at the news coverage over this tragic weekend, you would see why.  Heart.  Strength.  Love.  We are only 1 million in our province, but it's crazy watching all the coverage and seeing just how many people call Saskatchewan home.  I love my home because of the people and wouldn't have it anyway.  While I'm on the topic of this past weekend, please say a prayer for all the families going through a nightmare right now.  I have a former student who lost his brother in the accident, so please say an extra prayer for him. *update- his brother was misidentified and is in fact alive.  Prayers to those families.

The purpose of this post is to reintroduce myself to you.

Probably a good time to be revisiting yours truly as our world has shifted quite a bit since I began blogging.

I started blogging on April 15th, 2009- at that time I had a sweet little 18 month mancub at home and I was just getting my footing in the wonderful world of parenthood and was just about to turn 30. I was only 8 years into my teaching career, having just moved to my position at Holy Cross.

Fast forward  9 years and I have a 10 and 7 year old and I still feel like I'm getting my footing as we transition into a different age where the kids are super independent and pretty darn fun to hang out with.  After changing what teaching looked like and moving to cyber, I am now retiring as of June.  Yup, hanging up the cleats after 17 years.

In fact, I must say we're at a very strange transition point in life.  For the first time in our time together, Dan isn't glued to work and is transitioning out as well.  We have way more time together and it has been great for our little family. He will be busy once this snow melts clearing trees and building a fence around our new property.  Meanwhile, I am (im)patiently waiting the dig for our home (also once the snow melts).

As for blogging, strange things have happened.  Here I am with all this time and it has been the last thing I wanted to do.  So things will be changing too- I am scaling back and am also starting to take away the content with my kids.  They are getting to an age where they will be aware of their digital footprint and I don't want things online that they may not want online.  The reason I started blogging was to document our life and I have done so and am glad I did.  I print out books every year of all my posts.  I don't want to stop doing that.  So in respect for their privacy, I will be going back to blogging our going ons, but it will be on a private blog.  This one will remain until my flame runs out, whenever that will be.  You just may hear from me much more sporadically.

So if you made it this far, congrats.   You are now well versed in the world of me.


  1. Love this post and I feel the pangs of blogging burnout but we shall see.

  2. I will so miss your posts! But i totally hear you on the kid privacy thing. At times I feel that somethings are no longer my story to tell

  3. I am with you. I have all this time too but find myself gravitating off blog topics. Your voice and brilliance are too darn good to leave this space. I am sooo anticipating your Dig! And praying for your student and his family! Hugs!

  4. You are a proud parries girl and I am so happy to have met your through the online world. As you mentioned this weekend was hard. We were busy with a friends wedding but everyone had conflicting emotions as the details of the accident were reveled. Our province floored me once again with their support of one another and I am thankful to be surrounded by so many that take time to think of others. As for you leaving blogging, I will be sad and will miss your stories but completely understand. As I have gotten to know some parts of you through the blog, I know that you are a strong individual and seems very thoughtful and intentional about the decisions you make for yourself and your life. Best of luck.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I had not heard about the crash..that is so heartbreaking. As a mom who has an athlete traveling often I can only imagine what these families are going through. It does get very tricky with the kids..figuring out what I can share about the struggles without directly sharing their personal stuff.

  6. I hope you'll keep me along as your journey changes and evolves! I'm so happy that it has brought us together :)

  7. What a beautiful place to live. Interesting that you are retiring from teaching, I am giving up my teaching job after almost 22 years and moving on from I am. I am headed from working for a state school to a district.

    I can understand about the kids issue. I started blogging six years ago when my kiddos where 16 and almost 15 and basically respected their personal views. They really did not want to be in it. The only blog with either one was when my daughter graduated high school and I did a blog dedicated to her with her permission. My son wants no part of his goofy dad's blog. So, I have respected his wishes.

    Anyway, you have the Blue Jays and we have the A's. I know you are a baseball fan and here a little baseball blog I did recently: http://csuhpat1.blogspot.com/2018/04/opening-night-for-oakland-as.html

  8. I love the place you live and can't wait to see it in person! That bus accident, I can't even imagine, and then to think that you're brother was dead to find out he was alive, and then vice versa to the other family on the receiving end of the news. Feeling you on the blogging front. I try to keep the kids lives as much to them as I can...but like you, my kids are slightly younger...one day I'm sure they'll want nothing to do with it, until then, I'll keep trudging along.

  9. it's so hard to find a balance between sharing all the things and respecting the privacy of others... I'm still wavering in the in between with a lot of this

  10. The whole kid privacy thing has given me pause many times. I really don't write too much about the boys, and I always get their approval first if I do. So many exciting things going on in your world.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one giving blogging a side eye. And I’m with Sarah, once that house is built I think a field trip is in order (and moving into your closet 😁 )


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