A week in my wardrobe and then some


I have started to feel more fashiony now that the sun is out and the snow is mostly gone. So yay for wanting to take outfit pictures and show you what has been making me feel pretty over the past week or so!  Here you go:

1) Matte white manicure

2) Totally unrelated but my watch made me very happy on my birthday- it was so celebratory!

3) Soft and flowy linen Eileen Fisher dress....which had to be worn with black spanx leggings because it was winter last week.

4) I have been trying to get back into blogging...this little one has been trying to tell me otherwise.

5) Shades of Blue for my True Blue.  Why do I always think of Christy when I wear this sweater?

6) New fave layered bracelet adorned with a CDN penny from random pop up shop in SK.  RD Bracelets.

7) I feel like the tile in the Freshii in downtown YXE is made for outfit pictures.

8) I got new wheels!!! Loving the bigger SUV.

9) The point of this outfit picture was to show my black leather hat, but I failed. Instead...look mud!

10) My birthday outfit...I love these boots! Also the jacket, which I haven't worn enough.

11) I should have been doing something productive but sometimes cuddles with Clover and movies are more fun.

12) I got this sweater from French Connection whilst in Montreal- so far it's been one of my faves because of the shape...not too baggy...not too tight.

12) Finally got to wear the sweater denim jacket thingy that Sarah and I got in Seattle in November.  I had a real hard time trying to put together this outfit. I struggle with denim jackets.

13) Love the boots!  Also a new sweater from French Connection in Mtl.  My sister may or may not have got the exact same one but in grey.

14?) I lost track of counting.  My sister got me this beautiful circle (for sisterhood and eternity) necklace from the Silver Wren (etsy) I could wear it all day every day it is so light!

There you have a random assortment of my attire.  Happy fashioning.


  1. Loooove all of these beautiful combos! Off to check out that necklace!

  2. 1. I love white nails.
    2. Christy blue is a thing.
    3. I bought the denim jacket!
    4. I really love your rockstar sunglasses
    5. That is all.

  3. Looking good girl. I especially like your assortment of shoes and I think there were possibly some watermelon socks??? Anyway, love the "mud" casual outfit and the blush pink sweater. It's good to see what you are up to and how you are styling your busy life.

    1. It was Bo. I don't know why it didn't register me. Sigh.

  4. I think I should just shop in your closet, never mind Bay Days.

  5. Love the new boots (fellow pink Hunter Boots wearer over here), the new SUV and your adorable bunny. I think your bunny is the size of our rabbits' heads! Haha!

  6. Why are you aging in reverse? Like you just had a birthday and went backwards, you look sooooo young in these photos especially the leather hat/mud one and the birthday outfit! Looking GOOD!!

  7. So much adorableness in this post. I want that pink sweater. And why didn't I get the denim jacket?

  8. I love seeing your style, it's fun! Nothing beats a clean, white mani in my opinion. Love the new wheels and that denim jacket looks fab on you!

  9. So fun to see your style! Love the white nails too!

  10. I love the matte nails! Congrats on the SUV it looks gorgeous!


  11. I was so blah about fashion this whole winter but now that spring is here, I feel like I'm back to being myself. Bring on the cute shoes and clothes! And also bring on the cute tiles! I have so many pictures of my feet on cute tile that I don't even know what to do with.


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