Most days I'm all over my skin care regime...washing and scrubbing and masking and peeling and exfoliating diligently with great enthusiasm.

But also some times I feel like this in the morning and the last thing I want to do is my complicated skin care regime.

It's so much easier not to wash my face, or shower for that matter.

But alas, I do and it always makes my skin feel great.  Same moto applies to exercise..I dread and then I'm happy.

I have dabbled in all kinds of different face washing regimes from Mary Kay to Kate Sommerfeld to Sunday Riley...I swear I've tried every brand out there.  But- I have to say that since having a facial done at Polished in Saskatoon and being introduced to the Éminence products, I have not turned back- I also haven't had a breakout and my skin is loving it.

If I were to pick one of the products for you to try- I would suggest the Facial Recovery Oil; it has been exactly what I needed over the long, cold, dry winter.

The other thing I have been doing every two months is getting dermaplaning done at Prairie Bliss Spa- dermaplaning, if you haven't heard of it, is when they take a small razor and take a layer of your skin off along with the nasty peach fuzz.  I don't know about you but my skin is getting fuzzier and fuzzier as I get older and it's driving me insane.  I love how my face feels when she is smooth and shiney- my makeup also goes on better and my skin soaks up the Éminence products better too.

Dermaplane before and after...and yes, I'm wearing different things--only because I forgot to take the before picture in January so I had to wait until my March appt to post. Sigh

Everybody's skin is different and it just comes down to finding something that works for you.  I'm happy that I have finally found a line that smells divine and a technique that is working like magic on my old face.

Linking up with the ladies on the Blended Blog today as we're talking week its haircare


  1. Dermaplaning has me so intrigued!! Your skin looks fabulous cute stuff!!

  2. I should really try a facial sometime. I've never had one...WHAT????

  3. O my goodness, Id love to find the "it" product for me but I think it's just a mixture of hormones, age and skincare products. I have found plain old cetephil is the best for my skin. 😆

  4. Hmmm...interesting. You young'uns do the coolest stuff.

  5. Dermaplaning sounds a bit scary but intriguing. Also, that bird gif made me lol.

  6. I need to start getting facials again, they are so nice when you get them done. I haven't had one in ages...time to make some time!

  7. Hmm, I don't think I really knew what derma planing was before this post. Does it hurt?


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