Beautiful, People.


I'm starting to get the urge to do fashion posts must be the melting snow and the warmer air that won't freeze my fingers off if I try to be fashiony in the tundra.

But I'm going to put a spin on my style this week and talk about a something else that makes me feel beautiful: my friends.

I consider myself lucky that I have such a strong group of women around me and in all honesty,  I could be feeling really down on myself and would just need a date with them and I've been put back together.  And oddly enough, each of these people bring different blessings to my life and I have a different relationship with them all.

I'm wearing the camo Sanctuary tee from Nordstroms.  Affiliate link here.
So here's to friends.  To the ones who lift you up and stand by you.  To the ladies who show up and are loyal through and through.  The ones who let you spill your heart and don't judge for a second. We all need people like that in our lives.

I wish I could ID Candace's outfit- it was super cute.  I'm wearing my Burberry jacket from the London trip last year, her name is Virginia. 

I can only hope that my daughter will be blessed with the same rich friendships...and it very well may be her two cousins who are her best friends in life.

Cheers to friends.


  1. Cheers!!! What a sweet group and I hope that for Lucia too! I so wish I had more friends, so much of my time has been dedicated to family because my job was so demanding I just wanted to chill with them and all my friends were work friends who ditched me when I resigned. My BFF of 17 years stopped talking to me and called in sick on my last day, she's the one that said she lost me to dumb blogging. You know I am a lift up kind of gal and loyal to a fault but I wonder why I never found friends like that? There are some stragglers, lol, but I have never been blessed in that department and now it makes me sad. Geez Louise, I never write negative stuff but I guess it's just venting because your the kind of person you feel like you can do that with! Thats why you are such a great friend to many!

  2. Yes! Isn't it amazing how much better about life you can feel after time with good friends/strong women!? And I'm starting to get out of my style slump, too! I'm so ready for my spring stuff and now I just need it to get warm enough to wear it!

  3. Yes cheers to those people in your life that don't judge and are always lifting you up. And I love that you named your jacket :)

  4. I've always admired your awesome friend group. And I'm in the same boat as Andrea - when I had to "break up" with my best friend, I also lost most of our mutual friends. It was like a divorce, and she's so domineering, it was easier for them to choose her side. So happy to be friends with you!

  5. Awww I have a few friends that I feel this way about. My family is really important and my sister, cousin and sister in laws are like this for me. It's all about lifting each other up!


Have a lovely day!

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