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Playing along with my blogging besties today for our monthly TBBASKS link up. We've got a new coming at you at the beginning of each month and we're theming our Monday posts to follow the same theme.

1.  Resolutions or no resolutions? I am officially quitting resolutions.  But more on that next week when we talk about New Years' resolutions in our TBB link up (more details here).

2. Love snow or no snow? Give me all the snow! I love living in a land that shows me four seasons and while it is freezing as effffff here sometimes, it does gives us time to cuddle up and enjoy the simple things in life.
3. Name a new place you want to go this year:  Man, we have a busy travel year coming up- some places I never thought I'd go are on our list...let's see- I'm taking a trip back to visit my friend Lana in Seattle in a couple weeks.   March brings a siblings trip to Montreal.  June brings the annual girls' trip to Edmonton and then a special trip to NYC with ma, Jen and Kyla to celebrate milestone birthdays- Jen turns 30 today and Mom turns 60 tomorrow! Happy Birthday to two of my favourite ladies.  July and August will be spent enjoying home, then in September we're off to Australia for a couple weeks and lastly I have a bloggers trip in October to somewhere near the Carolinas?  Anyway- it's going to be a great year for travel!

4. Would your rather have a new hair cut or hair colour? I LOVE changing my hair colour and cut and do so quite often.  I get antsy if I haven't had change in 3 months or so- speaking of which, my appt this month is coming soon and I have some fun planned. 

5. Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year: I want to push myself to be as physically fit as I can.  I have the time, there are no excuses.

6. Least favourite thing about January? I actually really like January- when I was in the classroom which was always a nice change and it's fun to undecorate and focus on simplicity...so I'm saying nothing.  January is a great month!

7 . Most favourite thing about January: I think it's the promise....spring is a few months away, ball season, well spring training anyway, starts in a month, my house is clean and the cozy factor is on an ultimate high.

8. When do you take down your holiday decorations? Sometimes as early as Dec 27 and sometimes as late as Jan 2.  No set time.  This year my giant tree was taking up way too much space and annoying me, so it came down early.  I do keep some of Christmas decor up through to March as it is very much so winter decor as well.

9. Do you diet in January? I don't follow diets.  Eating healthily and paying attention to what I do is more my style.

10. What area of your home do you want to organize the most?  With a move happening in the near-ish future...okay not until 2019, I have been gifted with some time to declutter and get rid of the unnecessary all over this house.

11.  Favourite winter comfort food:  Freshly made bread. I gotta start making it more.

12.  Favourite guilty pleasure: Freshly made bread? I think this is the year I make it instead of buy it like I did here.
Come on now, it's your turn...answer some of the questions in the comments, on instagram (#tbbasks) or with a blog post!

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