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I figured out a long time ago that if I don't take care of myself first, then I am not the best mom.wife.sister.daughter.teacher......that I can be.  The better I feel about myself, the greater good I can put out into the world.  It took me awhile to not feel guilty about taking time to take care of me, that mom guilt is something fierce, but once I realized that I'm worth it- I have had no problem taking care of me.

Here are a few of my favourite things in the self-care department at the mall of Deena:

1- Skin care.  In October I switched to Éminence products after a fantastic facial at Polished in yxe. My skin has been clear ever since and I am loving them.  While they're expensive products to buy in store, Candace shared with me that they are cheaper through beautysense.ca.  Some of my faves is the Eucalyptus Cleanser, the Dermafoliant, the Recovery Oil and the Licorice Peel.
2- Alone time.  I need time outs often in order to take a breather and recentre.  They make me happy again.
3- Gym time.  I've been going to Orange Theory for over a year at least one or two times a week.  I would really like to up that and go more- I feel awesome after a workout there.
4- Dermaplaning.  Ever heard of it?  This is my new favourite facial.  I go every 2 months at Prairie Bliss in yxe and Shawna makes me skin feel silky smooth again.  I find that with getting older, I am getting more and more peach fuzz- hag hair? and it feels great to get rid of it.

5- False Lashes- why is it that now that I've hd them, I can't handle not having them? Yes, I realize I have become high maintenance but it is seriously wonderful waking up and not having to put makeup on.

6- Hair Extensions- this is new to me.  Kyla and I had been talking about wanting to get them done and finally I decided to do it.  I miss having long hair and was getting impatient waiting for it to grow.  I love them so far!  Weirdly- in this picture, my hair is actually the same colour, the extensions are ombré...so it makes my hair look lighter ? Or maybe it's just the lighting.  Whatever. I like them.

7- Phone Volume Off: More and more it is becoming important to me that I'm not Pavlovian programmed to answer my phone the minute it beeps. 

8- Productivity: Give me a to-do list and some 90s Gangsta music anyday and I will getshitdone.  That makes me smile.

9- Time with my friends: Easy-peasy pick me up.  Whether it's my ladies here in the city or my blogger friends around the country; I love the women in my life and they pick me up no matter what.

10- Mall walk with sister: Enough said.

11- Microblading- another fun thing that I got done last year after I saw Alison's brows is microblading. I have been going to Bloom Studio and love love love Joleen's work.  My brows were practically transparent before I had this done.

Alright, 11 of my favourite things to do to make me feel great....now tell me, what are yours?  Linking up with the Blended Blog ladies today for our Self-Care Share.


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