Sometimes when a friend calls and says- hey, I have a 300$ flight voucher I have to use before the end of February- would you want to meet me at Lana's?- you answer that call.
Then book the tickets.
Then ask Lana if you can come over for a weekend.
Then you invite your neighbouring blog friends.
Or something like that.

But luckily, Lana is the type of person who would welcome a gaggle of friends over anytime, so you don't really feel weird inviting yourself over.  And also, thankfully, Lana has a very accommodating family who are generous hosts and just happen to make the most wonderful meals.

So you plan and you go.  Despite the fact that these aren't your traditional friendships.  You didn't meet them on the playground, at a playgroup or you didn't date their younger brother.  These are women who have only been in your life for 4 years and you happened to meet them online in a style challenge. 

But whatevs, you do it.  Because sometimes the best friendships can be formed in the weirdest of places. #FRIENDSHIPGOALS indeed.

Abbie (aka Grumbling Grace) and I packed up (again- we just went to Vegas in November) and headed down to Seattle for a quick weekend of fun chez Lana (My New Happy).  We met the instigator of this adventure, Sarah (Foxy's Domestic Side) who flew up from the city of angels and spent the weekend doing what we do best: shopping and exploring the outdoors taking selfies outside.

I feel like if you followed my instastories, then you got the drift of what we did...however, for documentational purposes, I'm going to give you a run down of my top 5 fave things from our trip to the land with all the rain.

1) Being with blogfriends.  I am lucky to have 13 close blogfriends with whom I collab on the Blended Blog.  Halfish of us are on the west coast (give or take a few states or provinces) and the others live on the eastish side.  I wish I could see all of them more often, so when I have a chance to get some face-to-face time in with any of them, I will jump on it.  These women inspire me, make me laugh, somehow think I'm a creative mastermind and they make me feel beautiful.

2) Seeing parts of the world from a non-touristy view.  Lana lives outside of Seattle in Marysville so it was really cool to see her neck of the woods.  You can read about my trip to visit her last year here. I loved that she took us hiking to Whidbey Island at Deception Park where she'd bring her boys back in the day.

3) The shopping.  Enough said.  Best purchase? Abbie's 2 second decision to buy new luggage.

4) Having fun talking with Americans and noooooo, I don't mean like Rick Mercer does.   We are so similar yet so different.  The two biggest cultural differences that I noticed was the fact that they wear their shoes in the house and call slippers 'house shoes' and ALL THE FLAGS.  Seriously patriotic on every single house.  Come visit me in Canada anytime and you'll see some differences too.

5) A break from the everyday.  Because these friends aren't my everyday, face-to-face friends, stepping out of life with them for a weekend has a different feel than if I go away with my besties from home.  We talk less about our lives and our little worlds and talk more about the things that brought us together: blogging, documenting life, the differences in our worlds.....it is very refreshing and wonderful.

And while these friendships weren't formed in a normal manner and even if it was the first time Sarah and Abbie actually met in real life- it was a weekend that was spent with women I feel like I have known for a lifetime.

So take some risks, do the crazy things.  Live that life to your bestest and who knows what #friendshipgoals you'll master.

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  1. I love our little friendship family that has formed through TBB. We are blessed!

    1. Definitely one of the neatest things to happen to me.

  2. How beautiful and tickled pink to know you had a GREAT TIME!!! Want to hug you all!

  3. So sweet, you all look like you've been friends forever! I think the nice thing about a blog friendship is you connect on a different level, in some ways much deeper. Sort of like a long distance relationship - you talk so much and communicate without all the physical stuff so you're able to build a richer relationship.
    How fun for y'all!

  4. Blahhh, I'm so jealous! Why can't I live on the west coast?!? But really, it looks like you ladies had a blast! I love seeing those smiles all together!

  5. I love that you all got together - I am sure there were a lot of laughing and good times.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. Great recap! Looks like a fun time was had, wish I couldn't have been there.

  7. Oh my gosh. I couldn't have said it any better! So much fun! Thank you so much for coming, it was just what I needed. Plus hanging out with bloggers, means when you hold your hand up to take a picture, everyone stops, poses and smiles without having to have the prompt smile...it takes 2 seconds and then the conversation continues, haha. :) Love you girls.

  8. I love this! One of these days I will be on trip to meet you all! Or at least you and Sarah ;) And the house shoes thing is new to me...we call them slippers. And most people I know take their shoes off when they enter a house, but in-laws don't and never heard of it until we told them. Strange!

  9. Miss you. Oh, and I love the new blog look.

  10. All of this!!! Love your perspective and love hanging with you.

  11. Gah, so jealous. I even watched everyone’s instastories all weekend and I never do that. It also got me real excited for HHH. So glad you were all able to get together. And lol for booking and then asking Lana.

  12. What a fun trip! I want to work on my in-person and online friendships this year, so this post is one for my goals! =)

  13. What a fun time!!! That's awesome that you got to go!


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