50 Shades of Amethyst. Which is a hard word to spell. Fact.


Since I'm severely lacking in a case of blog uninspiration to write posts of my own, I'm going to play along today with Erin from Perfectly Port 's 10 random things about me and also with Whitney's theme of the Pantone color of the year on the Blended Blog today.  So it'll be a purply-random post today.

Ahem. Here goes nothing.

Purple is actually my favourite colour and 10 is my go-to number for sports, so this is a serendipitous blog post and actually fun to write because I was doing my corrections when I realized I had forgot to do a post, which turns this in a way for me to procrastinate and now I'm having fun.  Sorry, rambling. I shall start.

1.  I used to wash my floors obsessively in University in lieu of studying.  Like Cinderella style, on hands and knees (and likely in song) floor washing.  I call it productive procrastination.

2. I talk and sing to myself when I'm home alone. I'm a freaking one woman musical act, I tell ya.

3.  I hate being late and physically get symptoms of anxiety at the thought of it.

4.  When I'm mad at someone, I can't look them in the eye.  

5.  My sister had a purple bedroom growing up and I was jealous.  I wish I could find a picture of it.

6.  My current home has accents of purple everywhere.  And while this year's Pantone color is violet and quite loud, I prefer a darker shade, more amethystish.  I was inspired by the beautiful sprinklings of heather in Scotland for our laundry room and have shades of dark green with the deep purple.

Room inspiration- the highlands of Scotland. Geez, thanks, now I want to go back.

actual footage from today, mess included.  I suppose the washer and dryer look black but they are really really dark purple and I am going to miss them the most when we move.

7.  I would love to do something wild in my new house, like my original idea- a purple island.  But my designer has rerouted me to something less crazy.

8. I will likely bring some purple touches into the new house with accent pieces....I'm loving these chairs and will likely spend my afternoon hunting them down online.

9.  For someone who loves purple so much,  I don't have anything purple in my closet.   I have 1 pair of purple shoes, but they are heels and are dusty.  Hmmm...this is a problem. Challenge accepted.  

10.  So now I have been derailed from chair hunting to clothing hunting, which oddly, at this point in my life isn't as fun.  I don't got out enough to justify more clothes. Until I found this.  I love Free People everything.  That's a fact. 
Via Nordstrom - affiliate link
So that was kinda 10 facts about me and there was some purple and fashion in there, so really, it's only 8:30 am, the sun is almost coming up and I feel like I've done enough for the day.  

Have a fabulous Wednesday.

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