3 purple lies


I lied when I said I didn't have anything from Pantone's 2018 colour of the year: ultra-violet.  Turns out when you do a little soul-searching you can come up with some goodies.  Whilst I'm confused which shades of purple would actually be called "ultra-violet", I am happy to say I found some in my closet.  (And much to my husband's delight- I didn't have to purchase anything)

1) This t-shirt dress from Aritzia. (here)

2) Or this crazy oversized DKNY Grandpa sweater that I found at Winners a couple years ago, photobomber sold separately.

3) Lastly, while this didn't make it home with me, I did enjoy trying on the crazy violet lipsense colour at my party this past weekend.

And to end things off on this second fashion post of the year for me (all the while managing to not actually take fashiony pictures) (I'm sneaky that way)...let's go with Alison's theme of vests that she's covering over on the Blended Blog.  

Not purple, but just as fun because of those shoes.

Is it wrong that sometimes I miss teaching because of my shoe collection that is going dusty?

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