The Phoenix has landed

Have I ever told you how much I like baseball?
I love baseball.
I love that it's a chill sport to watch yet there is tons of crazy strategy that goes into every pitch.  So when my son fell in love with the game as well, of course I was thrilled and yes, naturally my encouragements pushed him towards the sport but hey- benefit of being a parent- the kids are supposed to live out our childhood dreams, aren't they? No? Oops.

The thing with living in the world we live in is that our outdoor baseball season is quite short.  They try out in March/ in May-July and then they're done.  But when Willis had the opportunity to try out for a fall baseball team starting in August, we jumped on the opportunity to extend his season.  He made the team and they practiced August-November...mostly outdoors and it was a very cold fall so that made for some fun in the snow.   Do you know how much it hurts to hit a ball when it's cold out?

Our fall season culminated this past weekend in Phoenix at the Veteran's Memorial Salute Tournament.

While most players went down for a week to soak in the Arizona sun, we travelled Thursday- Monday and didn't really get a chance to explore the area.  It was really a ballparks of Phoenix tour and I was okay with that but I had that wanderlust feeling while being there, wanting to see more.  Phoenix felt like home- it was flat and you could see sky for days and the heat felt like summers in Saskatchewan- that dry intense heat.  So needless to say I will be hoping and praying that Willis will want to try out again next year for the travel team (and according to him he will- he had such a great experience).

Here are my highlights from the trip:

The extra curricular fun.

We saw the Phoenix Suns take on the Boston Celtics, with the chance to watch warmups and then get on the court after and shoot some hoops.  We also went to an Arizona Fall Baseball League game to see some MLB prospects play (Vlad Guerrero Jr!!!)

The friendships.

Will's team was a combination of players from all the other zones so he got a chance to play with kids he normally played against.  Bonus for us was getting to know other ball crazy families.

The baseball.

I have to keep reminding myself that my child is only 11 cause I feel that I'm super critical of his game.  He is a good little ball player but has so much to learn yet.  Good thing the coaching for Going Yard is fantastic.  The two men in charge were constantly teaching and showing patience to these young boys.  Will improved so much in the 3 months.

Exploring somewhere new.

We stayed at the Arizona Grand Resort which had multiple pools and a whole waterpark/lazy river.  The pools were open and perfectly heated but sadly the waterpark and lazy river were closed for "winter".  We ate delicious food from Mexican to BBQ meat coma to American Diner.  I feel like we barely saw the city and the area around it, leaving us tons that I still want to explore.  I guess we'll have to wait until next year!

Any must dos around Phoenix that I missed?  Clearly the shopping here is amazing but I was actually shopped out...I know, gasp.  Hiking?  Food? Please share!

Plaid AND Stripes?

Oh shit.
Today's prompt is out of my league.
Plaid AND stripes?  I can't remember a time in the history of me where I've paired the two together
Now plaid I can do- so let me show you my stripes from previous posts:

From Fall 2014.  Post here.

From Spring 2016. Post here. 

Okay- I'm over looking through the archives.  Why don't you hop onto my Instagram at some point to see the plaid/stripes look I'm going to put together in honour of my apparent inability to pattern mix.

Looking for some plaid pieces? Here are some of my favourites from Simons.  Links are affiliate and I earn a small commission for purchases you make through these links.

Plaid Throw | Plaid Bomber | Plaid Scrunchie | Plaid Scarf | Even Prettier Plaid Throw | Plaid Cardigan | Plaid Trim Sweater |

Hop over to our Queen in Between's blog to see what look she cooked up today- I'm sure it will be amazing and don't forget to link up your looks on the Blended Blog.

How to do a Girls' Weekend

How has our girls' trip been so successful, you ask? Wait, what? You didn't. Well too bad, I need a topic for a post today and I'm going to ramble anyway.
Here are a few of my observations on what makes this happen every year for us since 2005.

How to do a Girls' Weekend:

1. Find your people.
Fortunately this part was easy for me- we have been each others' rocks since we were in our teens so we're kinda stuck with each other in a "you know everything about me so we have to be friends forever or I'll have to kill you" way.  Maybe you don't have the same group of friends since high school and they are people you work with or you hockey mom with or you met randomly online in a style group.  Find people who get you and who you have something in common with.  Only 2 of you? Perfect, more room in a bed.  12 of you? No problem- more shoes to borrow for nights out.

2.  Pick a thing that you do.
Everybody has a thing that they do when they're together. We shop and reminisce and laugh until we cry.  Some may drink, speaker dance and club hop, others may hike deep valleys and gorges or maybe you enjoy exploring new cities and checking out museums. Maybe you and your friends are happy with a pool and a wine tour. OR perhaps your the go-getter who manages to get all those things into one trip.  #lifegoals.  Figure out what it is that brings you together and just do it.

3. Make it a routine, a tradition and a habit.
We make a point of booking the days for the following year's trip during the present trip.  We're all moms with busy schedules, managing all the activities and shenanigans that go into parenting, so it does make it hard for us to narrow it down.  What we've found is that the transition months are the know that sweet spot of un-busyness right when you're leading into the never ending vortex of sports?  That's when we are most free to flee.

4.  Come prepared
We've become stealthy girl trip ninjas in our preparation skills and know exactly what we need.  Here is a list- which may or may not give you an idea of how we bide our time: corkscrew, red solo cups, munchies, hard-boiled eggs, tampons, poop tea, bananas, gym clothes (that we usually don't use) and a portable speaker.  This year a playlist was made that we listened to on repeat.  Feel free to listen along with us.  Do you find that somehow most of the conversation revolves around periods or poop when with your friends? No? Ya, not me either........

My time away with my soulsisters/framily/besties is necessary to my well-being.  That's a loaded statement but it's true.  They make me remember who I am and keep me true to the person I strive to be.  They call me out on my shit and encourage me when they see a spark starting.  That is exactly why I will drop everything and run the minute our yearly trip is booked- because I know that we're getting older and this won't always be a luxury.   If anything, I have learned that you need to find your people, love them hard and have some fun while doing it.
Life is more fun when you're laughing, isn't it?

You can read Christy's take on our trip here.

Thanksgiving Looks Good a Month Ago

While the Americans are busy prepping for Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas (I would find it conflicting, I think)...the Canadians have celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago and it's old news.  So instead of boring you with what I wear  for Thanksgiving (nothing special) (also didn't take pictures) I will share with you what I would wear for Thanksgiving if I was American and Thanksgiving was around the corner. 
Key notes here is cozy and comfortable and fun sweaters.

I went for a walk the other day to enjoy the gorgeous weather and the 60 acre woods.  I bet you didn't know that the camera was propped up on the quad.  #talents . I think I was going for monochromatic this day.

Same sweater, different vibe.  Here I was channeling my inner boho babe cause I finally found a hat that fit my fat head.

Alright, back to what I would actually wear for Thanksgiving. Easy.  Cozy sweater and jeans.  I just received this one from Brandsquawk- which is run by a fun lady in Vancouver.  I love the original graphic tees and sweaters she comes up with.

Not to mention is it a perfect saying for me but it's super cozy.  Check out her line and support a Canadian company!

I should end the post with a fun fancy look that I could wear for Thanksgiving but I'm over Thanksgiving so I just wore it for our girls' trip this past weekend in Edmonton.  Burberry cape (Hermoine), Aritzia sweater dress and Poppy Barley wedges.  I kinda wish I would have worn tall black boots with this as it was snowing and cold.

Now go check out these fashionistas who are actually celebrating Thanksgiving soon and may have much better posts than me.  Hope over to our host, Alison's blog and link up with us on the Blended Blog.

Tradition Makers

Something you start doing because it's important to you?
Something you start doing because it brings you joy?
For me, a tradition forms because both of those elements need to be repeated.

2005- staying in a creepy Travelodge and partying WAY too late and possibly not coming home

And that's exactly what we've done.

Every year since 2005 our high school group of friends have made it a priority to get away for a weekend to refresh and reconnect.  Oh, and to shop.  We have gone to Edmonton for the majority of the trips, with a couple years going to Calgary, Banff and another year Vancouver.    This year marks trip #14 as we head to Edmonton for 3 glorious days together.  We sleep in the mall, we eat in the mall, we giggle in the mall.  It helps that the West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in North America so it makes moving in easy.  We did have an ulterior motive this year with a Justin Timberlake concert falling on the Monday, which we had fantastic tickets to but of course he has bruised vocal chords and postponed.  Sigh.  Why can't everybody just be like Britney and lip sync.  That shit never gets cancelled.

Candace- The year we threw Christy a baby shower
My Fave Girl Trip Moments:

1- The Road Trip:  Yes the 5ish hours are long and uneventful but the conversation is killer and the music is 90s and the scenery is magnificent.  Also the company.- being stuck in close confines with my favourite people in the world is the best.  I wish Christy could fly to Saskatoon just so she could drive with us.

The year we saw Britney
2- The Shopping:  As the years have progressed our shopping style has changed.  I remember when we were excited to go to the stores we didn't have at home like Sephora or Bath and Body Works.  Now our focus is more on Simons, Anthropologie..actually all the stores.  Scratch that. We like all the stores.  Afterwards we put on fashion shows and there is always repeat outfits that multiple people buy.
Christy at her first baby shower, the same one where Carmen announced her first pregnancy
3- The meals out: Sitting, visiting, rehashing old memories and not to mention being served and not having to worry about cutting someone else's food.   It doesn't get much better than that.  I love that there are a good 8-10 great restaurants to pick from right in the mall.  At some point it would be nice to venture out and try new stuff around the city- maybe this year will be the year.

The year we took on Vancouver where I was very pregnant.
4- Hotel Room Dance Parties:  Christy has energy for days and gets super giddy when we're all together.  I love the 90s tunes she puts on and how for just a moment we feel young and carefree, like we did in high school.

The girls in Banff where we introduced Christy to bright lipstick.  
5- The memories: We're getting old and life seems to be getting busier but each year we manage to create another pocket full of memories that will keep our friendship going.  That is super important to me.  We've stuck it out through pregnancy and babies and busy lives, but somehow- this one weekend is always sticks out as one of the most important ones for me all year.

I have no clue when this was- but Gina was likely schooling us on brand name jeans

The year there was only Christy and I in Vancouver

Bahahhaah. had to include this one. This was our 10 year trip to Banff
Edmonton 2016

Last year!
I am counting down the minutes until we leave and you can bet I will be cherishing every moment with these women (and likely over-sharing on instagram)

have a great weekend.

The Long Cardigan

I think the duster, or the long cardigan is one of my favourite trends.  Which is weird because there are a couple roadblocks for me for wearing them:

1- how do you wear a long cardigan when you have to put a winter jacket over it?
2- don't long cardigans make the shorter gals look more hobbitish?

I had to find an answer to those questions before I could go about adding some pieces to update my fall/winter wardrobe.  And my answers?

1- I take off the cardigan when wearing my jacket and put it on when I'm at destination. OR. I bunch it up around my waist (which can only be done with my shorter one b/c otherwise I look like my love handles have gotten far out of control)
2- who gives a shit if it makes me look short when it makes me look happy.

I have two dusters that I have been wearing on repeat.  The one I got in Australia (named Bindi) from an Australian designer (Friend of Audrey) and the new one from our trip to South Carolina.  See Bindi here.  I actually love this designer with the simple neutral pieces.  I still have to remind myself to buy neutral, not bold colours.

The newest long cardigan is not as robe-like as the last but still on the longer side.  When in Hilton Head we took over the Michael Kors store and all found treasures.  (Okay, we all found multiple treasures).  I fell in love with this grey cardigan mostly for the colour.  

Shopping for long cardigans? Here are some I'm in love with and will likely be trying on this weekend in Edmonton (affiliate links) :
Dusty Pink (Simons)Red Checked (Simons) | Long Beige (Simons) | BUFFALO PLAID! (Simons)

As always this is prompt in our #theblendedblogstyle fall fashion frenzy.  You can go to the Blended Blog to link up or over to our host's site, the lovely Lana, who picked this prompt.  She's super tall- I can't wait to see what she shows us.  Also pop over to my bloggie sisters' sites to see how they are styling their long cardigan:

Also, Happy Halloween!  Sometimes I love Halloween, some times I don't.   Here's a little Halloween inspired shopping list for you from Rosegal.  I like buying things for the next year after the current one is done because, hello sales.  Check out the Rosegal Halloween Sale.  There is new product 30% off+ turntable draw coupon, the highest can get $20 off (full minus).  Currently I am eyeing up this cute pumpkin sweater, of course this cape and this spiderweb dress.

If you're planning on taking advantage of the sales for next year, use RGNancy (offering 12% off purchase)

The One Where I Pick 5

How do you pick your 5 favourite moments, let alone 5 fave treasures from the trip to Georgia and South Carolina?  There were so many times where I just wanted to bottle up the people, the scenery, the joy and the fried jalapeƱos so that I could take them home to relive over and over again.

We giggled until we cried.  We danced until we felt 16 again.  We bought the pieces that beckoned us, called us, practically screaming at us because they were so our style.  That's the beauty of hanging out with women who know themselves and in time have come to know each other so well- that is what happens when you follow someone's blog, it is impossible not to know their heart through their words- that you can pick out a perfect piece for someone knowing it is exactly their style.

So we did just that: we bought exactly what we wanted and we bossed each other around - pointing out things that would work and we all came home happy and today I'm sharing my 5 fave treasures that I brought home.

1- The Long Cardigan...but you'll have to wait until next week to see it.  We terrorized the Michael Kors store and ended up buying all the things.  Our fashion prompt on Wednesday is long cardigans, so this will be a perfect time.  Also, I don't have any pictures of it, so there's that.

2- The Cape- Capes have kinda become my thing and I ignored my love for this one the first time I saw it at Coach.  Because really, how many capes does one person need?  Such a conundrum. But then in a serendipitous moment, we ended back at the store and she called my name and I answered and yes, Georgia came home with me.  I think that's what I named her anyway- seems fitting.  Cause you know- all my jackets have names: Virginia, Britney, Hermoine and now Georgia.  Also, the answer to my conundrum is 5.  5 capes is what I need- one for each day.
#shittyblogger photo because that is how I role sometimes.
3-  Vera Bradley- Katie introduced us to this store and it was 19299% off or something like that so I think each of us went home with a little something (or a complete line), being that it was practically free. Okay, we may have gone there twice.  While I don't have any photographic evidence of the bags I got, I do have plenty of Abbie. Funny.  She's a professional shopper that way.

4- Cognac bag- My cognac crossbody that I have been using on all my trips was starting to look beat up, so I have had my eyes on the hunt for awhile.  I found the perfect replacement at Saks- a cute Marc Jacobs bucket bag.

5- Spartacus? Santorini? Spumoni?
So Alison MADE us go to this store she wanted to get a scarf from- whose name we could never remember.  The first time she saw the store she went by herself.  The second time she had a friend and by the third (or fourth) visit we were all eagerly anticipating the finding of the flagship store on Hilton Head so we could get a souvenir bag too.  The store had self serve sweet tea, y'all- can't go wrong with that.  And most of us left as winners.....although Alison left with a souvenir dress as well and I wanted to leave with a souvenir porch swing but didn't because you know, carry on weight and all. Side note- I just had to run to my closet to take a picture of the cute clutch (but mostly to see the name of the store). SPARTINA, for the record.

So I had to pick them, which I did so I could make this post, these would be my 5 fave purchases from our trip.  Pop on over to the other ladies' blogs to see what they picked as their top 5.

Deena | Abbie | Lana | Shaunacey | Katie | Alison | Sarah
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