Flowers in the Snow


Alright, today I share the classy long floral dress that looks almost identical to her younger sister from this post.  Oops, I may have purchased two seemingly identical dresses. I guess that's how you know I found a winner.
You see, I had found this gorgeous floral dress last year for my brotherbear's wedding and I loved it...but it is quite...boobiful and I'm not comfortable wearing it on a random day.  The girls only come out to play for special occasions. 

So when I saw this dress on Jessakae, I had to try it.  I figured 50$ was a decent price point for trying a random website.  And ya, despite the stupid States shipping and customs costs...wait- I should be clear, I don't think the States are stupid.  I rather like them, I'm even coming for a visit tomorrow, despite the fact that I walk around just wondering how many guns people have in their pockets. Sigh, world.  
Anyway...what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the new long floral dress.

Unlike the other one I had, this one is stretchy and a thicker material and it has pockets, which we all know is a win.

And yes that is snow.  We had a storm last week and it left the most beautiful fluffy, sticky stuff that coated our world in a haze of cotton candy-esque flakes.  It was quite cold, but rather beautiful.

And luckily for us, because I'm not quite ready to be winterfied, it only last a day or two.  We're back to wheat coloured fields.  For the time being anyway.

I've actually probably jinxed it.

Meh, whatever, at least I know this dress looks good in the snow.

Dress from Jessakae

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