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Last time I gave a house update we had just put in the driveway and when I went back to look to see if there was really anything to update, I realized that quite a bit has changed.  But also not a lot?  You can read my updated from August here.

Not a lot has been going on with the actual land- we were hoping a dig would start in the fall but have since decided to push it to spring.  The thing with our neck of the woods (aka the Great White North) is that it costs more to dig a basement once the snow flies...tough to dry concrete and such when its instead we shall take our time finalizing the house can see how I've been biding my time in Monday's post. 

What I have been doing on the land is adventuring and finding fabulous places for photos...and then taking photos.  I did my sister's fam last week, had ours done and this weekend I shall photograph Jordan's fam.

Right. Back to the house. But seriously, Jamison is the cutest thing ever. He still calls me DeeDeeMomMom.

So we're working on finalizing the layout, windows and the little details...I don't think there's much left.  Our exterior has changed to make it look more 'farmhousey' and less 'house that should be on a golf coursey'.  Here are a few pictures.  The changes were lowering the entrance thingy and adding a covered porch where I can totally picture a porch swing living. Cleary I have the technical words down.

The other giant amount of time has been cabinets.  It's kinda fun trying to figure out where everything will go and what kind of features we'll a mixer lifter and recycle bins and the like.

This is the kitchen from above:

The part coming off the island will be a built in table...I wanted as few uppers as possible to maximize windows and the view and I'm glad we got to work that in.  For example- this is going to be the 'baking station' with views of the backyard.  I plan on having everything required for baking in those drawers and my pretty plates in the glass cabinets on the left.

If you noticed in the first picture, there isn't a fridge in our kitchen.  That's because I wanted to keep all the noisy appliances out and so we decided to go with a butlers' pantry.  In the view from above picture- the entry to it is just to the right of the can kinda see a door there.  In the pantry you will find this:

So that will be the fridge, all small appliances (toaster, blender, coffee...) dishwasher and microwave and then all the food.  I think it will be cool and hope it won't be too weird.

I haven't got to the fun stuff like picking out colours and such and honestly I'm sure I'll get myself overwhelmed with that in a flash.  For now- I have to finish deciding where I want everything in my drawers.  Also, I just realized that isn't an updated drawing of the butlers' pantry...the organization has already changed. Oy.

I honestly can't wait for the day that this actually starts being built- I am falling more and more in love with this house everyday!

Have a great weekend,

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