A floral dress for fall.


We're not going to be shocked and appalled when I tell you that occasionally I click on those random pop up shops that appear sporadically on your FB or Pinterest feed, are we?

Aren't you ever curious if those pretty dresses fit? Well I was and man, am I ever glad I tried it.  Actually, this isn't the original dress I ordered, I'll have to save that one for another post.  This is her younger, hip sister who wanted to be out and about on that miraculous fall day that felt more like summer.

The site I ordered from was JessaKae.  This dress, the 'black jane' is super soft and stretchy and has pockets.  I find that the waistline is also forgiving and has become a perfect piece for this beautiful fall weather we've been having.  It came from somewhere in 'Merica...so of course there were customs and duty and shit but it came within 2 weeks of ordering and was a good price point for the risk of buying from a place unknownst to my shopping habits.

My stunning, younger sister ordered the same dress but in navy and it fit her perfectly too.   So we both deem this dress in particular a winner.  I'll have to post the other winner later.

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