A trip to Vancouver


Here it is the groove slightly transformed

Just a bit of a break from the norm
Just a little somethin' to break the monotony

Ah, what a perfect way to wrap up summer than with an impromptu trip out west to Vancouver.
I just spent a couple days as Dan's plus 1as he was invited to speak at a tech conference and he didn't have to ask me twice when he suggested I come along. Luckily my parents were able to come take over my life for a couple days on on their 42nd anniversary, nonetheless.  #rockstargrandparents.

Highlights of the trip for me were:

1) Exploring a beautiful downtown.  I haven't been to Vancouver since the girls trip that was only Christy and I in Vancouver and we rented lockers to store all our purchases.  You can read it here and here.  I only had a couple hours but managed to get quite a lot in.

I hit up the Money exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Love me some art!

2.  Our accommodations were awesome.  The conference put us up at the Pan Pacific in a beautiful room with a view of the harbour and even had drivers for us.

One thing we did that I absolutely loved was the Fly Over Canada experience that was on the pier at our hotel.  It was soo cool and made me wishing it was twice as long.

That's Stanley Park over yonder across the harbour

I even did some cyber overlooking the conference venue where Dan was busy being smart.  I can handle doing cyber with a view like that,

That's a picture of Dan in action. I didn't watch his presentation but he got tons of compliments. They'd be surprised to know he's such an introvert.
3.  I ran into my aunty!  I have a cousin who lives in Vancouver, so I had talked to her the night before but didn't have time to arrange a meet up.  I thought of phoning my aunt who lives a couple hours away in Vernon just to say HEY, I'm in your province, but didn't.  Well, turns out I wouldn't need to because guess who I ran into in Nordstroms.  Yes, Nordstroms.  If you know either of us, you won't be surprised by this serendipitous meeting.

I had coffee with her that morning and then Dan and I met her for drinks that night!  Gotta love me some impromptu family time.  Actually, funny story, Dan's sister was actually at the same hotel but we didn't get a chance to see her.

Tons more to tell you, like the fun things I wore and bought..but I'll save that for later this week when I have more energy to write.  Currently down and out with the she-flu (meaning I'm still washing floors and resting)


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