What I Read this Summer


Fact: I didn't read as many books as I normally would want to.  I also didn't really follow any of the book club recommends and kinda just did my own thing.

In order of most favourite to least and my reasoning.

1. Wonder- This one was a pick by my friend Kyla in our neighbourhood reading loop.  I listened to it and bawled.  Then I immediately went to Indigo and got myself a copy. I will reread this book every year. So heartwarming.

2. Pull of the Moon- This is possibly my favourite Elizabeth Berg book.  Maybe I just really liked it because I was at that point in summer where my kids were driving me insane and I just wanted to run away.  This is a story about a woman who leaves her husband and just drives.  The story is told in her letters/observations she writes to him.  I love her voice in this book.

3. The Bookshop on the Corner- My sister recommended this author and I'm glad I picked this one as my first...it's set in Scotland and is a cute story.

4. A Hundred Summers- This was a virtual book club recommend and I loved it!  I think I mostly loved that it was set in the 30s, so it's fun to see what the norms were...it was a spicy love story too.

5. The Year We Turned Forty- This was a thinker for me...being that 40 is just around the corner, it really made me think about the decisions I'm making in life and the impact they have. It also made me want to love my husband more.

6. Talk Before Sleep- An Elizabeth Berg tearjerker about friendship and cancer.

7. The Rome Affair- This book made me want to travel to Italy and I actually kinda liked it, except I felt there could be more depth to the plot.

8. Range of Motion- Another Elizabeth Berg tearjerker but more focused on a relationship with wife and husband. I didn't relate to this one at all but it was a really cool story about a wife whose husband falls into a coma and her unwavering belief that he'll wake up.

9. Nurture Shock - This was my brain book for the summer and it was an easy read with different subjects as chapters.  My favourite learnings was that they're linking obesity and all kinds of problems in school to the fact that kids are getting an hour less sleep a night.  Also I found the chapter on teaching your kids about racism super interesting.

10. The Thirteenth Tale- This was a long one and I didn't get into it until the end. I had no clue where it was going half the time - the story is insanely intricate. Quite interesting.

* Currently I'm reading and have about 200 more pages- Voyager from the Outlander series...I wanna get it read before Season 3 starts on the 10th.

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