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guys.  I'm in a creative energy/blogging rut.
I think June really took over with all the sports and school wrap up and corrections and now I'm wiped, and the lack of energy and drive means blogging is taking a back seat.  So we'll ride this out and see how the summer goes.   I'm assuming a week of rest will leave me feeling recharged like it usually does.
So today I'm going to schmerge two month in review with numbers and the Blended Blog asks....the link up for numbers will be on this post and if you're doing the questions, all the other ladies will have that link up in our hop.  Welcome if you've come over from  my true blue's blog!

My numbers post today will be more do about a number questions you get to learn about me...June won't be reviewed as it consisted only of 3000 hours correcting, 2000 hours on a ball time and not enough sleep.  So there.
Let's get to the questions:
1.  I'm a cat lover.  I could have a million cats- I love how much they cuddle.
2. WINE AND BEER. Not mixed but I love them equally.
3. No socks, unless my feet are dry- then I slather them in vaseline and sleep with socks on.
4. One piece or tankini .... not quite bikini ready. Likely because of the beer and wine affection.
5. Living out of town, we had to do a lot of eating out between activities so I'm really looking forward to cook at home this summer as much as possible.

6. Coke zero or diet coke.  But my fave is A&W Diet Rootbeer.
7. Regular toothbrush. I should really get an electric one.
8. Chocolate and candy? Can I have both?
9. Black coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon or evening.
10. 90s gangsta rap for getting shit done, jazz or folky for relaxing and blue jays or books when not those.

11. Either Chick Flick or comedy. I like to laugh or be entertained. I can't wait for Pitch Perfect 3
12.  Colourful markers are my writing utensil of choice, but I do have a stack of Blue Jays mechanical pencils at my desk.
13. Floating.  Which is both swimming and laying out, non?
14. Dog and cat.  But I don't think I'd get a dog again after our two old girls go.
15. I drive a Mazda CX-9...grey...I think it's a crossover

16. I am both.  I love getting up early with the sun but I also love staying up late.  Usually not on the same night though because I also need loads of sleep to properly function, hence the failing in creative energy.
17. SUSHI!
18. My phone is on my nightstand, charging, along with my Apple watch.
19. I sing everywhere, shower included.
20.  Rarely do we eat store bought cookies.  But I eat them without dunking...I don't like floaties in my milk.

Hop on over to Sheila's blog to learn more about her!

Well that was great up your numbers posts - I can't wait to read what you've been up to

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