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I have some things on my mind, but I couldn't gather the words for the post.  So I'm going to try again later this week.   Instead I'll roll with fashion because I took these pictures last weekend and I might as well use them.

This is item number two purchased while in London at my new favourite store, Marks & Spencer- which makes me want to try to order online and see how that is for shipping to Canada.  I'll wait until fall though- I find little desire to shop in the summer (insert eye roll and yeah, right from husband) (and Christy)

So this peplum top caught my eye because of the shape- most times peplums sit right on my belly and make me look 8000 months pregnant.  This one hangs long enough that I feel comfortable.  I also really liked the colours in it.

I also figured it would look good dressed up or down, thinking I could pair it with my Aritzia pencil skirt and just as easily wear it with jean shorts. Speaking of which, I tend to shy away from jean shorts, especially short ones because I don't like my inner thighs. But I've decided that this summer is the beginning of the 'I love my body how it is' movement and hear-by will be wearing these shorts from Old Navy, which are officially the shortest shorts I have ever worn.

I'm going to work hard on getting my body strong, but I will be working equally hard at how I see myself, and therefore less effs given to how I think people see me.

Floral Print Peplum Top
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