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Truth be told, I'm in a pissy mood: more pool woes.

I'm sitting here, totally and completely unable to do anything while winds of 30 km are making my pool billow and balloon.  I doubt it will be standing in the morning, when winds of 80 km are supposed to hit.  Sigh.  I see all my summertime dreams being blown away and I am so angry.

So I'll roll with this picture for my outfit post today- except I wish it said 'Deena' instead of Toronto.

All I want to do is float.  I know, there could be worse- I have a roof over my head and health.  Gawd, this isn't even a tornado that Beth and her family lived through.  I'm being ridiculous. I have a good life.  I'll stop bitching.  I really need to gain some perspective before I lose my marbles over something I can't control. 

It's bad enough that this stupid windy night with a stupid useless contractor who couldn't fix the pool when he said he would and won't return my texts, had me stress eating....yummy ketchup chips and mini eggs were the culprit.  And also a Tennants.  
Might as well be completely real here and get all the good out.
At least I had Alynne and Kyla trying to crack me up via was sending me pictures of her dressed as a carrot Bitmoji and the other was suggesting I cuddle up in my pretty chair and sit facing the other way from the window with a book.

Alright- I'm done.  Got all the venting out of my system and I'm feeling better already.  Here's to hoping the pool is still standing in the morning and to fun fashion linkups.

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