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Welcome back to the Mommy Diaries.  Instead of enlisting the help of my mom friends as I did for the previous 3 times with new questions, I decided to contact the ladies who answered questions on my inaugural series and have them re-answer the questions with 5 years' perspective behind them.

We'll start with my teacher friend, Liz.  This is what she wrote in 2011. Original post here.

and now, 5 years later:

It is so neat to read my responses again. What a journey!! It is funny how universal my last post was even though the responses were written 5 years ago.

Highlight of motherhood- the best part of being a mom is the love. We can learn so much from the love of a child. It doesn't matter what I look like or whether or not I make mistakes, my kids forgive me and adore me still. Nothing beats that!

Hardest part of parenting- making decisions. I am pretty good about figuring out what to do for myself (with much thought sometimes ️), but when it comes to making decisions about my children, that is where I feel my wheels spinning. How much time should they spend on electronics, when to take them to the doctor, what school should they attend, what activities should they participate in, what is the right amount of responsibility to give them, how to help them when they struggle. The worry about the decisions and how what we decide now affects them latter is something that I constantly struggle with. I think this is the hardest part. Although 5 years ago I would have probably said toilet training was, so who knows .

 Guaranteed meal- spaghetti and meat sauce is still on the list for sure. The other one that is guaranteed to please is the honey garlic ribs from Costco. Strawberries and cucumbers are always on the menu at my house. The rest will depend on what Carter will eat. Brooklyn is not very fussy, but Carter is, although he has gotten much better.

Best product- hmm, I don't find that we have that many products anymore like we used to. I would say that the iPad comes in handy when we travel. We also just recently bought a trampoline for the back yard; that is helpful to have for something both kids enjoy outdoors. We also recently bought a cabin. Our family time and adventures are ones we will cherish there forever, so the cabin would be the best product of all.

Best piece of advice- enjoy it! I am super busy as a full time teacher and full time mom to two very busy kids. We are running around from morning to night getting to school, doing school work, going to activities, etc. But, I love my life! I love my husband, my kids, my job, and my life! I feel so blessed. My advice is to enjoy being a mom. It is the hardest, but most rewarding job there is and those of us that have been lucky enough to be moms should really take the time to cherish our little minis. Soon they will be driving. Yikes  Having said that, also remember to cut yourself some slack and be proud of yourself for the job you are doing. I too have to do that more often. As well, sometimes I have to "let go and let God". Easier said than done I know.

On that note, thanks for reading my "tidbits", as Deena put it last time, and God bless you and your little ones!


  1. Living on Cloud Nine10 July, 2016 21:49

    LOVE your tidbits!!! Very relatable..and strawberries and cucumbers..always on my list too!!

  2. Love reading these types of posts, and glad to have to back to blogging :) Have a great week XO


  3. So glad you're revisiting everyone, since I missed this the first time around. Liz gives the best advice - enjoy it! It goes so fast.

  4. I love that your revisiting past Mommy's, such a great idea. And I love the "let go and Let God" so, so true. And the part about your kids always loving you even through your mistakes, they remind me to not be hard on myself, they are so quick to forgive I should do the same for myself.

  5. I loveeee this post!! I wasn't around for the original mommy diaries but this is genius that you having your friends go back in time and reflecting on answers from 5 years ago! Love it!! This was a really fun read!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  6. Loved reading this post! I loved reading the past one and the Liz's thoughts now!

  7. such a great idea to revisit this series!!!
    Enjoy it is the BEST advice, sometimes we need to just slow things down and remember it's all about enjoying it.

  8. This is just awesome to look back 5 years later. EVERYTHING can change in just 5 years.

  9. Oh, the worries of mommyhood. So glad you are revisiting this series. Liz's smile speaks to her love of motherhood. How wonderful that they have a cabin to make new memories in.

  10. Yup, I think Liz nailed it on the 'cut yourself some slack' point..we tend to be so hard on ourselves!


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