Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Jordan


One of my favourite people in the world is up today, Jordan.  You can read her original post here:

and now 5 years later....

Highlight of Motherhood

The highlight has definitely been watching my kiddos' personalities develop. It is like the excitement of the first few dates with someone except it lasts years, not weeks, and instead of having a BFF (or two) to talk endlessly about all the intricate details I have my husband. It. Is. Awesome.

Hardest Part of parenting

Not yelling. Seriously. It is hard and I fail often. I mean, who can even blame me when I ask someone to brush their hair and when I see them after the third request they are hitting their sibling on the head with a stuffie?  

Guaranteed Meal

Lately it has been chili. Honestly, we have two really great eaters and a 1 year old. I can't remember the last time we had a dish that someone didn't eat. "You have to try one bite" has been one of the best rules Hugh and I put into place.

I will say that one of the best things I have done to make healthy meals quick to get to the table is join a meal exchange group. In our group, each person puts together 2 different meals for every person in the group. Each of these meals is good for 2 nights of supper (first day and leftovers). The meals are frozen and have ranged from chicken cheese chili with scoops, to teriyaki chicken, vegetables and rice, to Shepard's pie, to beef dip with buns, to lasagna roll-ups. We then get together on a designated evening to exchange. Since doing this we are never short of good stuff that is ready to go. This exchange has helped me improve on the way I freeze stuff, as well. Meat now does not go into the freezer unless it is already purposed as a meal. I cut the chicken and pair it with the sauce for a stir-fry, pork chops get marinaded, ground beef gets cooked, packages of sausages get separated and placed with a bag of perogies. We do "fresh" cooking on the weekends and stick to our freezer during the time crunch during the week. I don't think I could have survived this winter without a meal exchange group!  So amazing.

Best Product

GoGo Squeez. They are pouches of apple sauce. My kids can't get enough. I like them because they are healthy and easy to cart around. The kids like them because they are in a tube. I do wish they were less expensive or larger, though. I am cheap.

Best piece of advice.

1. You are super mom. We all have it in us. We just need to be reminded sometimes. You can't count on your kids or even your partner to be the one to remind you, mind you, so commit to being the one to do it for yourself. When life get crazy and you want to lock yourself in your bedroom with a half dozen cupcakes, often that little reminder, "I am super-mom. I am super mom. . . " can pick a girl up.

2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you for locking yourself in your bedroom with a half a dozen cupcakes. I am the living proof of this. 


  1. I love this idea! And a meal exchange sounds fabulous!

  2. Katie Mitchell21 July, 2016 13:18

    Awww love Jordan!! This is such a cool series!! And love her advice!!

  3. What a blessing that your older children are good eaters. My oldest granddaughter could exist on water and air. Very hard for this grandma and her mommy who love to eat!

  4. Awww love Jordan!! This is such a cool series!! And love her advice!!


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