Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Jen


Up today is one of my first friends, Jen.  She is mom to 3 beautiful kids and this is what she wrote 5 years ago. You can see the original post here: 

and 5 years later....

Highlight of motherhood: seeing them succeed in activities and how proud they are when they achieve something. Hugs after a long day are another highlight. They're at an age where there is constant fighting and pushing limits so the quiet time of snuggles and hugs is huge

Hardest part is definitely single parenting of three kids. It is so overwhelming doing it on my own emotionally and financially. I am out numbered and feel pulled in multiple directions everyday. I'm sad for my kids bc they only have one active parent but I hope that when they're older they will see how hard I've worked to give them a good stable life and how loved they are.

Guaranteed meal would be pasta or grilled cheese. I still have very picky eaters for meal times so I stick to the basics. I'm fortunate that they love fruit and raw veggies so I don't feel so guilty that they don't eat much for meat.

Best product. I'm not sure for this one at their ages of six and eight. I think it's anything that I come across that they can use outside and stop the arguing for the moment.

Best piece of advice would be to not give up. I've had my fair share of struggles over the past few years but I want my kids to see that I never gave up. I worked hard to give them a home where they are loved and feel secure. Motherhood is so hard and I wished I would have formed a better support group around me to help bc it is hard doing it on your own. So another piece of advice would be to look to those around you and not be scared to ask for help. We all need it at some point.


  1. Living on Cloud Nine24 July, 2016 22:39

    Don't give up..I LOVE it, there are times we want too but oh the rewards!! GREAT 5 yr update!!

  2. I love it, espcailly about asking for help. Yes! I am loving all of these updates!

  3. I seriously, SERIOUSLY, admire single moms. Honestly, I have two kids and my husband is quite involved and I STILL struggle. Just from reading this post, I have absolutely no doubt your kiddos will see and know how loved they were and how hard you tried to ensure the very best for them. You're a rockstar.

  4. All of their little faces are just so cute. Hope you had a good weekend :)


  5. I have such respect for you as a single mom. Just looking at your kiddos faces, I can tell you're doing an awesome job!

  6. I love it, espcailly about asking for help. Yes! I am loving all of these updates!


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