A girls' weekend, in numbers


Normally I would review my month but because I'm just returning from the annual trip with the girls, I figured why not recap our getaway in numbers? Also, it's my game

As you know we all drop everything for one weekend a year regardless of the going-ons and take some time for ourselves and our friendships. This year we headed to Edmonton and stayed and played in the mall. Naturally. Here's a little look at the fun:

Conversations about bladders and peeing- so many. We even had a timed race to see who peed the fastest (me)
Coffees: 7 en route
Saturday shopping - 5 morning at second cup
Sunday morning- 5 at second cup.
Drinks of choice- London fogs, flat whites and vanilla beans

Bathroom breaks- 3 on the way down. 2 on the way home. A million while in the mall

pysanka sighting and snapchat made of the day

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://shoestoshiraz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/IMG_4465.mp4"][/video]
3 dead horses on the way. Actually we didn't know if they were dead or just lying down but they looked very dead. So we did google it and found out that horses only require sleep every few days. Update: horses were alive on the way home. So I would like to change this to 0 dead horses.
4 pairs of converse- was the shoe repeat purchase of the trip.
10 pairs of shoes purchased total

3 kimodos, as Sara liked to call them
2 dress repeats (Alynne and Christy, Sarah and I)
11 dresses bought- none of the dresses in this picture were bought.

3 jeans repeats (Sara recommended the jeans from Express...we fell in love)
5 Korean sheet face masks

1 lady schooled on designer handbags (Alynne came home with a beautiful find)
5 hours shopping on Friday, 8 hours shopping Saturday

1 winner in our shopping day step challenge (Candace)- we all averaged around 18,000 steps.  Christy got most of hers dancing in our room to 90s tunes.

3 names given to our Roman goddess statue: Amber, Athena....she ended up being Venus.

Here's a few things all about Christy:

3 really good Christyisms.......Sendimentary, how do you figure? She is cute like me.
8 hours Christy booty shaked in the hotel (with or without pants)
Number of time Christy forgot we were in the room and stopped changing - 2
Times in aritizia- 4 - so much that Christy got recognized every time.
8 items returned. We'll call them regret purchases, here is an example...although Sara loved this one on Christy.

3 cases of palm bays, twisted tea and Cheladas consumed and morning mimosas.

2 snorers (me and Alynne), 1 crappy bunkbed, beautiful Roma themed room that we all stayed in, old school slumber party style.

1050 Kilometres travelled to and from Saskatoon and Edmonton

No pizza or nachos consumed, much to Christy's chagrin. 3 meals twined (Alynne and Candace's warm kale salad at earls. Sara and candace's calamari from Opa and Alynne and Sara's butternut squash ravioli from Cactus Club)
3 songs stuck in head: Fast Car, that Ibiza song and  Ice Ice Baby.
3 times Sara had to explain who Sia was

451 ish days until our next girls' trip...but who's counting....


  1. Living on Cloud Nine05 June, 2016 21:42

    Can I LOVE this anymore!!! Precious moments for precious gals. The pic of you and Christy is my favorite.. ...looking soooo CUTE!!! 2nd fav the face masks, did you like them, how fun, I wanna try!!! Even less days than that til Girls Toronto 17'!!! Hope your Monday is as Marvelous as you are!!

  2. Katie Mitchell05 June, 2016 23:43

    This was just so much fun!! I don't think you left anything out!! It is just so awesome that you do this!! Loved the facts about Christy too!!

  3. Apparently I do embarrassing things. Glad she left out the part where I asked the guy in the elevator if they named their roman statue as well. They didn't, btw.

  4. Such a great recap of a super great weekend. Thanks for leaving out the pictures you took of me dancing with no pants, Ha!

  5. Nicole Miller06 June, 2016 00:46

    hahah, I loved this. Yay for zero dead horses. Other things to note, those face masks look like silence of the lambs ish and I hate that Ibiza song. Christy sounds like my kinda gal. I like to dance to 90s music. You should see my Britney/nsync choreography.

  6. LOVE the numbers game post!! Like, so much!! Looks like you had the best time and you did the sheet masks together!! You know I'm obsessed! Such a fun trip, lady! Glad you shared it with us today!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  7. How fun and what a great way to recap your weekend! So much fun and I need me some more converse too!

  8. What a fun looking weekend! And I love this numbers idea :) I have a girls weekend coming up in Palm Springs at the end of this month, and I may try to do this with my group too! Glad you had a good time, you all are so cute!



  9. So glad you all had such a fun weekend. I had to google pysanka, then laughed when I realized it's the massive thing behind you. Love what you have on in the picture with Christy - new?

  10. Yay for girl's trips! So fun! I just got back from one too so I laughed when you wrote about so many conversations about bladders and peeing... so true! LOL.

  11. What an awesome weekend and the dead horse debate seriously made me lol. Yay for no dead horses :D! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Looks so fun! I want a girls weekend haha!

  13. Reading this at lunch and hoping to comeback to pin it tonight onto our TBB boards. I love that you gals do this. I can only imagine the giggles and good times. So glad there turned out to be ZERO dead horses. With all that coffee drinking, no wonder there were numerous potty breaks. Really enjoyed this post. XO

  14. #1 if I drank that much, I would not be functional. Lol.
    #2 You are expert shoppers. 13 hours total! I am exhausted just thinking about it.
    #3 so relieved that the horses were not dead.
    #4 Christy, I like the romper 😞
    #5. Looks like fun!

  15. Looks like a fun girls weekend! How funny is that about the horses?!


  16. Bahahahah. You make me laugh.

  17. We're idiots, mostly. Poor sleeping horses. They just wanted some rest.

  18. bahahahah. I had on a really cute gingham dress from Loft, but returned it.

  19. Normally we talk about poop, so that was a nice break!

  20. We totally loved them. They thought they were a bit creepy but our skin was super soft after!

  21. I enjoyed texting you non-stop :)

  22. ha- we talked about doing Palm Springs for our 40th in a couple years. Enjoy your trip!

  23. Can't wait for our trip a year from now!

  24. So much good stuff to learn about Christy!

  25. You and Christy would get along smashingly, I know that for sure.

  26. BAH this made me miss you soooooooo much!!!! So glad you had such a great time!! I need a girl's weekend ASAP!!!!

  27. Awww, what a fun girls weekend! I love your collection of girly stats throughout this post... clever!! So glad you ladies had a blast!!!!

    All the Cute 🎀
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  28. That sounds like so much fun! I could definitely do two days of shopping (and I am the worst with bathroom stops - no on likes traveling with me in the car, especially my husband who is always like, really, again!).

    Daily Style Finds

  29. I know I say it every time, but I LOVE this trip of yours. Sara, I have no clue who Sia is, so another explanation would be great. Also, how come so many days until the next one? Going in the fall instead?

  30. Me too, it was like I was on your trip with you :)

  31. Something about being with your friends lends to the need to enjoy all the coffee.

  32. Ya, we're going to try end of August: less busy time of the year with school kids and such.

  33. lol- we had one of those too

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