Food Goals 9: The failures


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he quest to cook everything in 2 Barefoot Contessa's cookbooks has been great.  Lots of new foods and tastes and things I will repeat, you can read my previous posts here.  But also there is the stuff that I will never again cook.  So, in the quest for transparency and honesty in blogging, I wanted to share with you today the things we didn't like (which for my husband, is everything that isn't a dessert)

1- Spinach in Puff Pastry: first off, I didn't buy puff pastry but accidentally got phyllo pastry instead AND I stuffed them with WAY too much spinach.  I wouldn't make these again.

2- Rosemary Cashews: I don't like normal cashews so I don't like cashews with butter and rosemary.  NO BUENO.

3- Strawberry Tarts: These, in theory, should be good. I even made the custard on the inside from scratch.  But I put too much strawberry on it and they got gooey.  I won't complete give up on this recipe and may attempt it again when the strawberries can be fresh from the garden and not the freezer bag.

4- The two drinks: Cassis à l'eau and Kir: underwhelming.  Is Crème de Cassis even alcohol?  I will stick to beer and clam.

5- Loin of Pork with Fennel: If you look at her actual recipe, the pork loin is supposed to be wrapped delicately around the fennel and crouton mixture.  Yup, not here.  It was a fennel explosion with a side of pork.

6- Steak with Béarnaise sauce: The picture looks delicious but I should have made sure I had all the ingredients.  I still haven't been able to find champagne vinegar so I (sillily) used red wine vinegar instead and I didn't have tarragon or white wine, so basically I didn't make the right recipe and it was a pink soup that tasted like slop instead.

7- Zucchini Gratin: any gratin is not cool with the kids. I should add the Eggplant gratin as well. Weirdos.  Same goes with the Vegetable Tian.  Maybe they just don't like gruyère?

Glad to have the failures out of the way and to see what my kids don't like.  Also, wish me luck, I'm serving duck for Easter....yikes.

Have a delicious weekend


  1. Living on Cloud Nine24 March, 2016 22:46

    I always LOVE your food Goals, failures and all, zucchini and eggplant gratin, yeah, I'll be over and for Duck too!!! Yum! I hope you have an "Egg"cellent Easter weekend full of fun, love and laughter!!

  2. Oh man, that's too bad about the failures, but good to hear you've found some great new recipes. Nice to know what to avoid for me though! ;)

  3. Food failures are a bummer - you spend the time - and then don't like the result. Best of luck on duck!

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Hahaha - you crack me up. Pretty much every dinner is a food failure for me, which is why I let George cook the good stuff. We've never made duck before, so I'm interested to hear how yours turns out. Have a wonderful weekend and find an egg for me :)!

  5. I seriously adore these posts!! One day, I'm going to pick a super awesome cookbook and attempt to Deena my way through it! You rock, even when the recipes don't turn out the way you hoped.
    Good luck with the duck!!

    Simply Shaunacey

  6. Nothing wrong with a few failures along the way! It's great you share what didn't work as well as what did work so you can help others! :) I know I've done a recipe with the wrong pastry before too, oops!

    Have to say that all the failures certainly look tasty still! Hope that you have a great success with Easter's meal!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. If it doesn't work for you, I know I could not even try it. Love learning and watching you cook. You are so adventurous!

  8. This made me feel so much better about my cooking except your failures look better than my successes! I'll eat everything with gruyere!!

  9. Failures happen to all of us and seriously you are kicking butt in the kitchen I am so impressed with your adventurous choices.

  10. I'll take the kids' helping of anything au gratin so please keep making it, regularly! Love the explosion of fennel with a side of pork. When you send the au gratin my way, go ahead and throw in those cashews. Nuts of all types, seasoned in anything (or not) are my favs.

  11. deena.simair@gmail.com02 April, 2016 13:13

    I don't get why they don't like's cheese. They normally love cheese. Ah well, more for me.


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