Food Goals: Beatty's Chocolate Cake


Welcome to my new Friday series: Friday Food Goals.  
I introduced this series back in December with an Apple Spice Cake as my first attempt to cook my way through a couple Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, à la Julie & Julia.  I'm now ready to provide you with weekly updates on my culinary conquest (read- I have enough of a buffer recipes complete to save room for a few flops.)

Today I'm showing you Beatty's Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting both from the Barefoot Contessa Home book. (I will be jumping through 2 books in this series, her Home and Barefoot in Paris.  Yum!)
This was an extremely easy recipe and delicious too...I may or may not be salivating as I type this.

I free-styled and added what is left out of summer strawberry pickings, which was just the most delightful way to top this seriously moist and chocolaty cake.

This cake got rave reviews from the kids and the husband...but seriously, one can't go wrong with chocolate cake, n'est-ce pas?

Next week I'll be starting a link up for this Friday post so you can share your favourite food posts!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Chocolate cake is one of my favorites, especially with strawberries.

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  2. Confession: I've never made a cake from scratch. Maybe I'll make this one for George's birthday (I have a few months to prepare)!

  3. You're quest to cook an entire cook book has me thinking I want to go to chapters to find my own to start cooking from. Hmmm. . . .


Have a lovely day!

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