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I sat down to write this post and realized that December is a blur of Christmas prep, end of semester prep, trying to get healthy and far too many sugar cookies.  And also that I just did my year in review video so doing this post feels a little bit redundant. But because I can't think of anything else I want to write about it goes.  You can read my previous posts here.

This is my December in numbers, along with a goal I'm giving myself:

8 hours spent prepping my video newsletter. You can see it here.  Usually I start thinking about it in November but I was really hesitant this year because of being sick but also because I still don't love working with iMovie, having just moved over from using Premiere.  Ah well.
GOAL: look into Final Cut Pro or see if Adobe Premiere can be used on a mac. iMovie isn't doing it for me.

2 books read for a total of 43 in 2015.  I had set a goal of 20.  So I did some reading.  This month I read:

Shopaholic to the Rescue wasn't mind-blowing but it wasn't horrible either.  It made me want to go to Vegas.

Why Not Me? was not as good as her first novel but I still enjoyed it.  The ending was the best...not because it was over, but because of what she said about having confidence.  Her views really aligned with mine and I liked the way she explained how if you work hard at something you become more confident.    Anyway, worth the read!
GOAL: I have set my 2016 reading goal @ 30 books.  I'm also going to link up with Puppies &Pretties on her monthly book review.  I hope.

2 field trips with my grade 12s for our Christian Ethics 30 class.  We're in the World Religions Unit and what better way to learn about these practices than going out into their places of worship.  We went to a mosque and a synagogue.  I have a Hindu Temple booked for the end of the semester and am still working on some Buddhist contacts.  I love this unit!
GOAL: ummm....survive the last month?

I feel like I was in a bit of a blogging slump over the past couple months.  I need work on that.  My blog page views were down this month to 2113.  But now I'm confused.  If I look at my pageviews in blogger it says I had 8914 last month, whereas Google Analytics tells me only 2113.  I have some learning to do in 2016, me thinks.
GOAL: be more interactive.  Make more connections

Only 2 outfit pictures taken.  I have zero interest in my wardrobe right now, mostly because I don't have a need for anything and have spent the past 2 weeks in the same outfit practically. I'm sure I'll get remotivated once I get into the work week. 
GOAL: Book hair appt asap. I always feel better after a fresh colour.  Also, start exercising again. 

16 selfies found in my December phone files.  This does not count the selfies I take when I steal someone else's phone.
GOAL: Take more pictures of beautiful things. Be inspired more.  Try to capture that beauty and those special moments and then organize them in the photos folders so I can actually find them.

10 (allofthe) sugar cookies consumed.  But Christmas was delicious so I will enjoy the 5 lbs I gained.  Oops.
GOAL: lose 16 lbs in 2016.  I lost 15 in 2015, so I think losing 16 is realistic because it can be maintained.  It's all about little adjustments to what I consume. Or because of Christmas, BIG adjustments.  Regardless, I know what I need to change and am motivated to do it.  I'm starting the Insanity Workouts today.

11 years of marriage celebrated.  My Mom and Dad took the kids for 24 hours so we had some quiet time.
GOAL: focus on my relationship with Dan. Have date days more often. Laugh with him more.

Many great celebrations with friends and family over the holidays.  My favourite one was New Years' Eve.  We had a houseful of friends and their offspring and we spent 2 hours outside in the dark tobogganing, roasting hot dogs on the bonfire and watching fireworks.  We did all of this under some spectacular northern lights.  It was a magical night and it left me feeling very grateful (and only slightly hungover)  I tried taking some pictures to capture the moment, but didn't have time how to figure out night photography, so this one will have to sum it up, because you can kinda see the glow of the dancing lights:

How was your Decembre?


  1. Yay for the selfie stat! Love the goal part of this too! And I'm fairly certain the difference between blogger and Google Analytics is that in Blogger, it counts all of the bots pinging your blog when doing a search, so technically no one went to your blog, but GA actually counts people who come to your blog. Linking up with you tomorrow, couldn't muster the energy to write the post last night, hehe. Happy New Year Friend!

  2. Nice roses and love lucias dress!

  3. Haha since I don't do social media anymore, I have like zero selfies! This makes me so happy! Back in the day, I was just as annoying as everyone else with them I'm sure.

  4. I don't usually post any of my selfies on social media, I just take a lot with other people, hehe.

  5. I need to be more consistent with my reading. Love seeing your 'read' books on goodreads. I googled the whole blogger vs analytics thing (thank goodness for Google) a few months ago because I don't really know what I am doing. Analytics apparently doesn't track the autobots that scan the sites and add to search engines so is more reliable. Whatever the heck that means! Have you done insanity before? I looked at it but the length intimidates me.

  6. I'm so jealous of the 43 books! And your goals as well. Also - noticed your instagram thingy with the key words, I totally wanna join in - or is it members only LOL

  7. There is no way I am keeping up to you in the stylish work wear when I head back and I am completely okay with that. I will live vicariously though you! My favourite numbers this month were 11 (congrats) and all of them (so delicious).

  8. Can't wait to hear what you think about Insanity. How cool to spend New Year's under the northern lights. I love all your goals, and should probably steal a few of them!

  9. and I forgot to mention Happy Anniversary and we'll be celebrating 11 years in a few months :)

  10. You know how I feel about Vegas...with you my friend!

  11. bah so made I didn't do a December post... life.

    holy F 43 books... I've read like 1. OKay, 1. shame.


    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  12. You are so cute, Deena! Love your camera roll!! Yeah, Christmas did me in too...way too much food and wine!! It was fun though!! Cheers to 2016!! XOXOX

  13. December is a blur for me - I blinked and it was over. Happy Anniversary!

    Daily Style Finds

  14. Happy anniversary! 43 books is freaking amazing!



  15. I will be linking up with you tomorrow.... I love the big red scarf.

  16. Thanks for the tidbit on those two confusing parts of my life. I will figure analytics out someday. I did Insanity last winter. It was really good. I am doing an altered version of it though...not everyday.

  17. WEll happy almost anniversary to you then too!

  18. My husband rolls his eyes constantly at my selfies. Muhhahaha

  19. I did it last winter. It's crazy. but crazy good. Makes me sweat.

  20. DO IT! I would love your keen and creative eye to be a part of it.

  21. lol. I can't believe you're already going back!

  22. but hey- 1 book was your goal. So you win. Now try your luck at the tables. Ew. I don't like gambling.

  23. I don't regret the wine....can't say the same about the food though. Ugh.

  24. Lucia looks like an angel in that ivory dress. And love the picture of her with lipstick. Cady, my granddaughter, sneaks lipstick every chance she gets. I am in the market for some of your NARs lipstick. Where do you buy it? I totally forgot that with the first of January should have come my December #s post. Will try to remember to link up next month.

  25. You can order the NARS stuff on Sephora online or even better in store if you have one in your area. I'm not sure if Nordstrom carries it. Feb link up!


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