Winter Dreaming.


It's December in Saskatchewan and I've worn my fall jacket (and sometimes only a sweater, gasp) more than my winter down-filled, goose-furred, deer-hided, blanket-like parka.  I mean, come on, we're known for our frigid temperatures, not for our seasonally warm, no-snow Decembers.
But I'm not one to complain.  Right now, anyway.
Instead I will spend my days dreaming of all the wonderful winter activities that I will make as my goal this new year.  I want to profit from the beauty that can be present when you are aware, if you can get over the fact that it's -50 with a wind chill and your face feels like it's going to fall off.
So, I present to you today, in conjunction with WarbyParker, my list of activities I will search out during our often long and certainly cold winter.  I vow to find the beauty.
Here are some of our guaranteed winter activities chez nous, with a pair of WarbyParker glasses inspired by said fun time had in the snow:

1- Snowmobiling : My Dad has a sled and I will beg him to take us for rides as often as possible.  I grew up being pulled behind his Polaris in a toboggan on his adventures; what a perfect way to experience the boreal forest.

2- Toboganning: Dan crafted a hill in our backyard, let's just hope the snow can build up enough and not blow away.
Wilder in Squall Blue Fade

3- Skating: I long to have a skating rink in my backyard, but it's a lot of work and I'm just not there yet.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy the many facilities in the city.

Chelsea in Grapefruit Soda

4- Snowman building

I have some activities that I hope to add to our regular rotation which include Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing.
Here's to hoping that we get some snow!
What do you do to enjoy your winter?

While I was working with WarbyParker for this post, all opinions are my own.  If you have a chance to check out the WarbyParker site, I highly recommend it.  They strive to create glasses at a fraction of the high price paid normally and partner with non-profits to give back for every pair of glasses sold.


  1. LOVE those blue ones!!! gorgeous!!

    I can't wait to take my kiddos tobogganing!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. Love those blue ones! I haven't done any of those winter time activities, I'm so sheltered. And when you mention skating rink, I think, what Luke built Loreali one in just 10 minutes it took her to drive to wherever and back, haha.

  3. I've never heard of these glasses but they sure are cute! I've never been snowmobiling before. Or cross country skiing or snowshoeing! Can't wait to hear about those activities combined with pictures!


Have a lovely day!

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