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I read something earlier last week by a blogger and I didn't agree with what she said at all.  She wrote about how she doesn't read other blogs because of the compare game, where you get caught up in what others are doing and that detracts from what you're doing.

Reading blogs have been the complete opposite experience for me.  Instead of worrying about Keeping up with the Kardashians or whomever the Royal Family of blogging is, I am busy connecting with other women and expanding my circle.
In the blogworld I have found kindred spirits (stole that one from Carrie's post somewhere last week) I have made friendships with people I may never meet.  I have been inspired, motivated and pushed to become a better person.  Blogging is about branching out and sharing a piece of you.  Whether you are writing for your family and friends, (which gives them a deeper look at your life and makes you feel supported) or maybe you're writing to grow your numbers and make some money, )in which case you need the support of other bloggers.)
It's all about the connections, the relationships and you guessed it, the support, for me.  That's why I love blogging and I will continue doing it and by the way, thanks for all your support!

Now on to what I wore- which, by the way I have about another week or so worth of shoes to go through and then I think I'm over taking my picture daily.  Mostly because of the lack of sunshine in the mornings or when I get home from work.  Time to switch things up and it's my blog so I can do what I want. I could even post a random picture.

Friday was comfycozy day at school and I'm not going to miss a chance to wear Lulu's to work.  So I went with this fun BlueJays' shirt that Kyla found online.

Saturday night I went out with our Splurge group to the Bon Temps Café to have some drinks and listen to a band play. This is what I wore.

Monday at work.  I nearly broke my leg on the deck taking this picture...little did I know that it was coated in ice.

Tuesday for Remembrance Day...minus the poppy which NEVER STAYS ON

Thursday was a PD day and no kids, hence the jeans.  This is my fave sweater.  Ever.  Which is still available on ModCloth, here.

The whole ensemble, dressed for some BEAUTIFUL November weather.

Again, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful our weather has been.   Can you spot the flock of geese flying in the field by our house?

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Pic 1 - love blardigan. That is the shirt you texted me about in error. Even i know the bat flip!
    Pic 2 - love the tshirt logo. LOVE the jeans. I love graphic Ts and ripped jeans.
    Pic 3 - I love this outfit. On first glance it is simple, but so put together. Why dont' I wear more sweaters?
    Pic 4 - the rememberance day outfit is my fave. I remember being in Van when we bought our twin boots.
    Pic 5 - Great find on the sweater. Unique and so you. You look like a fashion blogger in the pic with the jacket.

    That is all.

  2. Great post, Deena. I think i know the person you are referring to - and I was surprised - and somewhat disappointed to hear that. I wish we lived closer and could get together to chat. I think we would be great friends - but I am happy to be your blog friend! You are so stylish - I wish I could look as chic in glasses as you do. Your "red wine/shoes" look is my favorite. Enjoy your weekend.

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