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I'm not feeling particularly verbose today, so why don't I share with you what I'm doing for Christmas shopping.  My goal is to be done Christmas shopping by the time we decorate the house (last weekend of November.)  Currently I'm at 64%.  I have found that I despise shopping in stores for gifts so the majority of everything has been ordered online.

Looking for some great gifts?  Today I'm sharing my favourites for the 5$-30$ price range.  Come back next week and I'll share with you my 30$-100$ price range gift ideas.

5$-30$ gift guide

5$-30$ gift guide by deena-simair

1- Wine is always a great gift. My current fave are the reds in the Wayne Gretzky Collection.  But really, any wine will do. Wine for the win. All. The. Time.
2- I love a good infinity scarf that is nice and light.  These are great colours and patterns for winter that won't make you sweat, too much anyway.  Plaid here, Nordic here.  Key for me is wearing my hair up on the days I wear scarves or else my makeup has magically melted off by 9:24. AM.
3- Here's something that people would love to have but don't necessarily want to buy it for themselves because of the small amount of time it's worn.  I have been looking at some really cute Ugly sweaters at Nordstrom's, but this one won because of the price.  Forever 21 here.
4- Aritzia has my favourite leggings.  I love them because of the comfort level, the price, and the fact that they keep the tummy in.  Sit-ups would do that too, but leggings are prettier.  I would pick a solid colour for winter (here) and a camo colour for fun (here) or in case you need to go hunting.
5- Occitane is my favourite of all hand creams and we all know how dry it can get in the winter. This is a must have for me at home, in my purse, at my desk, in the car and in the random drawer. (here
6- One of my makeup must haves for winter is a dark eye brow. I've been using this pomade to get a darker brow.  I love this brand.  Although this feels like a random gift to give someone, so instead I would likely pick a lipgloss.  This lipgloss is still my favourite and I don't know why I didn't put it in my image.
7- Who doesn't need a cute tuque for the winter season.  Here

That is all. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I do the majority of my shopping online for gifts, too! I wish I had a sweater party, so I could justify that sweater.

    Daily Style Finds

  2. Someone on my list is getting an ugly sweater... And I just ordered one for each member of my family. I plan to wear them to every event we attend. We will be that family.

  3. Yes!! Love the Dior lip gloss.
    And dipbrow is great until it dries out. Mine dried out awhile back and it's awful!

  4. 64%? that's precise! lol
    Wine is always a good gift. ALWAYS

  5. just pick a random Tuesday as your ugly sweater day!

  6. Ah, I need to do better at making sure it doesn't go dry, what a waste that would be! And also, you have great taste.

  7. oh great list! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the $30-$100 list! And those leggings...yes please!

  8. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom28 January, 2018 22:08

    DIPBROW is my absolute favorite brow product!!! And, I haven't even started Christmas shopping! Boo! We just got done buying gifts for my daughters birthday.


  9. You need to have a break between the two, that's tough!

  10. Wine. Leggings. Tuque. Can you be my Santa??

  11. Wine, yes! I had no clue Gretzky had his own wine which I'm a little too far South to be in the loop I guess! Leggings, my go to as well, perfect gift!!! The tuque, I looked at them this morning and wanted to purchase five! I'll just share your list as mine too hehe.

  12. Great ideas here! Wine, bien sûr! I love the scarves as well. And I've not heard of that brand of leggings! Just learned of Hue in last year's winter challenge. Will check it out!


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