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When I signed up for the  Get Your Pretty On Style Spring Challenge last year,  I had no idea what to expect.  At that point in my life, I was fashionably-content, happily blogging in my own little world but unbeknownst to me,  a whole world of blog opportunities and friendships would be around the corner.  
Right off the bat, a member of the Spring 2014 Facebook group, Shaunacey, who is also Canadian and a blogger (I liked her from the get-go) suggested we do blog link ups to showcase our looks during the challenge.  So we seeked other bloggers and bam, blogging as I knew it was changed forever.

Because at that moment, in walked a community of women who are now some of the most special people in my world.  I treasure my late night (and usually all day) text sessions with Shaunacey as we discuss the Blue Jays, our kids and our mutual adoration for wine.  I feel like I have a special bond with Lana and Carrie, having met up with Lana twice, once being on a trip to meet Carrie way down in Texas with our husbands in tow.
There is a group of us (15!) that have been together since the beginning of these challenges and have even "met" over Google hangouts, blogged together under the name of the Style Me Bloggers and now have created a collaborative blog together, The Blended Blog. 
I would be thrilled to organize something in the great Canadian Rockies so we could have a chance to all meet.  (Mostly because the majority of the group hasn't been to Canada and hasn't ever had ketchup chips).  Each and every one of these ladies bring something so unique and fantastic to our group, that it's easy to see how we have grown together.

And this all came to be because a lovely Texan dreamed up a challenge that would create a community for women to share.  So thank you, Alison.  You have changed and enriched so many lives.

Today I have the opportunity to share with you a little interview that was conducted over email between Alison and I.  I asked the Style Challenge guru and she answered, how fun is that?

1- If you could only shop in one store, which one would you choose?

Only ONE?  Oh boy.  I really love Target and Nordstrom.  Honestly it's a tie.  OK, I'll pick Target.  I go there more often and it's a great place to pick up trendy items without breaking the bank.  Plus it's right down the street so if I got desperate enough that I had to walk there, I could.  

2- What are your top 5 timeless pieces that are needed for any wardrobe?

I dress casually almost all of the time so my list would include a great pair of riding boots, a trench coat, dark wash jeans, a well made leather purse and lightweight cashmere cardigans.  

3- What’s one trend you wish you hadn’t tried/totally regret/have burned all proof? 

Ha!  I had a pair of jeans in high school that had a yoke at the top and pleats.  Oh so figure flattering!  They were acid washed too.  I may have also worn a pair of bib overalls when pregnant with my oldest daughter.  Thank goodness there is no photo proof of either of those!

4- What do you have the most of in your closet?

Cardigans.  I'm kind of obsessed with them and wear them year-round.  There's one of every color and style imaginable in my closet.

5- Best piece of advice you have received about defining your style.

Toss out the old style rules.  If something fits well and makes you feel fabulous then WEAR IT!

I feel like I could have asked her a million more questions, but settle down, that's all you're getting. The Fall Challenge Early Bird Registration is currently open, so why don't you sign up and join some pretty awesome people who dress nice?  It's fun!


  1. Yay for Texan ladies. They do rock!

  2. Alison Lumbatis28 January, 2018 21:58

    Thanks so much for this opportunity Deena! You and the other bloggers have brought SO much to this challenge. It wouldn't be the same without you!

  3. So thankful for Alison, because I met you!

  4. I love this post and I love our daily chats via text! Even though we've not met in real life (yet), you're my go-to style friend and the first person I text about Jays stuff (and wine lol).

  5. Love this! And blessed I met you through all of this!! Xxxooo

  6. So fun that you got to interview Alison! Great questions :)

  7. hmmmmmm, me wonders if you are one....

  8. Thanks, Alison. As much as I love the fashion aspect of the challenges, it's the friendships that have been made that take the cake!

  9. I can't wait to meet up with you someday!

  10. Likewise, friend. I think we would get along great in the face-to-face world. Especially over a glass or two of wine. Okay, a bottle. Each.

  11. It was fun to do, but now I wish I would have done a video interview with her.

  12. Great questions, Deena. I think we should hit Alison up to do a video interview for The Blended Blog. Yes?


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