A 10th Girls' Getaway


Before I start talking about one group of friends, I'd like to invite you to check out a special blog formed by another group of blog friends, The Blended Blog.  Today marks our inaugural post and the beginning of a novel journey for a group of ladies who have never met.  This blog is a communal place to find blogs, share blogs and get to know other bloggers.  Our hope is to unite the blogworld, one post at a time.

Beginning in 2006, what I kinda remember to be as March, our group of girlfriends decided we should go and do something.   At that point in time, no one had kids and it was just a really good excuse to get together with Christy and Gina who live in Calgary while we all live in YXE.    I honestly don't even remember where we shopped or what we did with our time.  Well actually, I do remember crazy nights with some girls (not me, obvs) not even coming home from partying.
Ah to be footloose and fancy-free.

The annual girl trip, which has taken place in either Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver, has been a blessing in our lives.  This year we tacked on an extra day and hit the streets of Banff.

We left Thursday at noon and drove straight to the Chinook mall to hit up Nordstrom and such.  It was kinda rushed so another trip back was required.  One must not rush shopping #truth.
Friday was spent at Chinook in the morning and then to Crossiron Mills for the afternoon.  We probably put on a good 10 hours in both malls.  That's hardcore shopping.
It was the year of twinning...with Sarah and Alynne purchasing a lot of similar pieces and Carmen and I doing the same.  It was also good we brought my truck because we filled the entire box with our bags.   There was some great shopping happening.

 After we had meticulously covered Cross Iron mills, we headed out to Banff for some somewhat fresh mountain air.  Lots of smoke from the Washington fires.  Actually, Banff wasn't as bad as Calgary was.  Anyway, when we got into to Banff, we immediately found our hotel and saw a deer or elk roaming the street, checking out some real estate.  Assuredly, it was our resident elk expert, Alynne (who grew up on an elk farm) who informed us that it was really a deer.

morning cuddles

morning coffee

morning getting ready
 Christy booked us in at a cute Inn that had a suite, so we had 3 double beds and could all stay in the same room.  Talk about major sleepover!

Saturday was spent roaming the streets and shops of Banff.

 Carmen was extremely attracted to bears and had to take a selfie or talk to each one she passed.  Really though, her sons are very bearobsessed so we learned a lot, which I have already forgot about bears.  It was the year of the bear.  Luckily, we didn't see any real predators.

After we had thoroughly covered all the shops and ate some Beaver Tails, we headed up to the Fairmont Banff Springs to check out the grounds (find cool selfie spots) and hit up the spa.

 The other exciting thing we did was try to recreate this picture we had done 15 ish years ago at Sears.  Seriously, who goes to a portrait studio with their friends, all wearing turtlenecks???!!!!

This last one was going to be awesome, and I was just taking shots to get the lighting, problem is, my camera hates me and is on it's deathbed, so I got a couple shots and then it died.  Sad face.  I'm officially over being a photog.  We had even bought (much to my chagrin) Banff t-shirts that we were going to wear for the picture, which never happened.  So we goofed off in the hotel with them on instead.

Looking back on that weekend, I think my favourite part was just chilling with my friends.  We weren't rushed by kids and really didn't have anywhere pressing to go.  It was soo nice to just be able to stroll the streets, or the mall, or relax in the room and chat and remember and laugh so hard that someone has to pee.

I'm already looking forward to 2016's adventure when we head back to Edmonton in June.  I will be prepared to do the annual photo then instead.


  1. So jealous! I need some great girl pals to have a weekend with!

  2. Ironic that I am wearing out twinning dress today. It's like I knew you were posting about out trip today! I liked seeing the daddy camera picks. You are my fave photographer!

  3. your blog is super cute! I take a girls weekend with several friends from work every year, and we can't wait our trip is to Hot Springs ark. this year!! We've all work together for 10+ years and we've been doing this for about 5 years now.

  4. So much fun, and it's so wonderful that you all still get together every year. Yes, shopping must not be rushed (which is probably why my son said we don't shop well together). When I went to Banff we stayed at the Fairmont and it's gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to life-long friends.

  6. Girls weekends are SO much fun! I'm long overdo for one! Love the turtleneck picture!

  7. turtleneck picture just made my day!!
    looks like so so much fun, I clearly need a girls trip especially one with TONS of shopping!!
    I wanna see your purchases!!

  8. So jealous! Looks like so much fun!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! Hot Springs sounds wonderful; it's so great to get away once in awhile, isn't it!

  10. I'm glad you had a chance to stay there....I can't believe how majestic it was

  11. They are lovely ladies. Not in the same sense as Les Misérables though...

  12. Remember that time we almost went to the BlogHer conference to hear the Bloggess speak? We really should have.

  13. The turtleneck pic is slightly embarassing.

  14. I'm still hiding the purchases from my husband. In the trunk of the car.
    Just kidding.

  15. Just too much fun! I'm little envious and on the other hand I just wish I could have been there.

  16. Oh I just love this!! So much fun!! I think I see a new profile pic in your future!! :) Love all the selfies and the old photo. I wish I had a big group of friends like this! And I kinda wanna be friends with you girls too!


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