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Last week we talked my dreams of recreating my wedding and what I'd pick, dress wise.  I'm still daydreaming about that and was pleased to see that I'm not the only one who regularly envisions another wedding, but to the same wonderful man.
I love weddings.  I have even done videography and photography for weddings, but stopped when they started cutting too much into weekends with my kiddos.
This year, we have zero weddings.  First time ever.  Are we out of wedding season? For this year, sure, but we have a big family wedding coming up next September, so I have to do some thinking.
Luckily, I was contacted by the people at Paul Fredrick to see if I wanted to talk tips for the coordination of outfits for weddings.  Perfect timing, because you know that I'm already coveting dresses and creating a stockpile of potentials.  But that also means that I'm thinking colour coordination for the whole family.
So I put together two ensembles that I would definitely pick if their wedding was this summer.

Outfit 1:  I love Kelly Green and I think this dress would be beautiful paired with some dark neutrals on Dan.  I would put the kids in a complimentary colour to my green, maybe a nice cobalt blue.

men's look 1

Outfit 2:  I love the shape of this yellow dress and how it would shine next to the blues and pinks in Dan's tie.  In this case, because Dan and I are in bright colours, I would put the kids in something more neutral.
Menswear 2

115 CAD -

Hawthorne Wingtip Boot from Paul Fredrick | Paul Fredrick
325 CAD -

So, which one would you pick for me and Dan?  I don't think I could decide and would likely get both and do costume changes.  That's fun too!

"This post was inspired by Paul Fredrick whose custom dress shirts come in many different colors and patterns for this years trends."


  1. super fun picks and I can totally see you in both dresses!

  2. Love BOTH of those dresses - so pretty and perfect for wedding season!

  3. I LOVE that yellow one with the pink pumps!! You would look adorable in both! Love me some Shabby Apple :) XO

  4. I love both dresses! Cute post too!

  5. You would look beautiful in both dresses, but the green one would be stunning on you. Love Dan's outfits too - very handsome!

  6. the more I think about it, the more I fall in love with the green one. I may just order it....

  7. Your pink polka dot skirt was Shabby Apple, wasn't it? I haven't actually ordered from them, just admired from afar. How's the quality of skirt?

  8. Well then, maybe I "need" both so I can do a costume change halfway through the event. You know, accidentally "spill" something on one...

  9. It would be a tough decision...good thing I have some time before I actually need to get something ordered

  10. I love that color green! I have two dresses in that color and they are two of my faves!
    I loved my wedding dress...I'd wear it all the time if I could; it was just bombskis. Side note, why is we only get to wear a fab dress like that once?? Lameeeee

  11. Yes! The pink polka dot was SA! I was REALLY impressed with the quality!! It was lined, super, super good quality was awesome :) XOXO


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