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Time for some honesty.  I'm fashioned out.  I'm tired of getting dressed (nicely) (not like I'm wandering around naked).  So sadly, today's post isn't going to represent the stylish fashion diva that I (think) I can be.  Nope, today is about honesty and what I really wear deep into the summer months when all I have to worry about is how I'm going to keep the kids from driving me crazy.

My fashion for the next month and a half of holidays, before school picks up and fall is in the air, consists of the following things:

My Birks (best purchase ever) *like ever.  I even only packed one pair of shoes while in San Antonio last month and wore them with everything.

My Lulus:  this category needs to be updated as my *newest piece is 3 years old.




Flowy tops: tank tops, t-shirts...anything that is roomy.  I'm not a fan of anything clinging to me during this heat that goes for needy children too.  Kidding, I like their cuddles.

Workout clothes:  because I have the time right now, my day centres around when I'm going to fit a workout in.  My workouts vary from online videos, to Zumba classes, to running outside to the treadmill or stepper downstairs (sadly used more this summer because of all the smoke).  So if I'm already dressed for the workout, then it's more likely to happen.  Because really, I'm way too easily convinced that a book on the deck is a better idea.

Okay, these pictures are old. But workout gear is totally there.

Bathing suits:  we go in the pool 2-3 times a day (right after lunch, right before supper and in the evening)  so most of the time I'm in a suit and sarong.  Sorry, you aren't getting any good pictures of that, but this one is cute.  I'm not going to be THAT honest.

In my defense, I do get done up when I got out.  Like this week when we went out to celebrate Carmen's birthday.  I actually wore the fringe vest out in public AND got a compliment on it from a fashionable women in a gorgeous kimono.  So she obviously knows her stuff.  

My friends clean up nicely too, I must say.  This picture is after supper, pre-riverbank walk (ice cream stop). Missed having Candace and Christy there.

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  1. lol I should have totally including birks in my post... I've literally been wearing them EVERYday!!
    I'm not going to lie, I will try not to revert to wearing non-stop yoga clothes ones this baby comes out BUT I'm so so excited to fit into my lulus!!

  2. I love those birks. I have been less than stylish this summer break...hello running shorts, tank tops and swimsuits....I love that floral dress in the top picture, and the vest! Have a great weekend!


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