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I've talked a lot about our home.  I love our home.
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So today's home tour won't be anything new, but rather a catch up of what I've been working on lately.  Although, this would be poorly timed, as I don't tend to do anything house related in the summer.   It's all about the yard.  Which is a part of our home, right?

In early June we had an 18x33 above ground pool installed.  It is made in Canada and made to weather our (awesome) Canadian winters and remain up all year.  And no, we won't skate on it.
So, we didn't take the install lightly and hired it out. There was tons of work done to level the ground, fill it with base, level it some more and then build it.  I (and by I, I mean Dan) would never have pulled it off.  After it was installed we had to truck in 16,000 gallons of water on three semis.  The kids loved watching this part.  The last thing that needed to be done was the natural gas install so the pool could be heated and tub warm all summer.

Now the fun part is trying to figure out the landscaping and how it will fit into this yard.  I'm visual, so I did a drawing of my wishes in the hopes that they will make sense to the husband.  It's a lot to take on and it won't happen all at once.  I think this will be chunked and done over a couple years.

I have a boardwalk going around the left side and two decks. One smaller one at the bottom of the pool b/c that is the shady side of the yard and one must have a spot to sit in the shade.  I also have a tall table that will have holes for umbrellas, giving the pool some shade.  There are pretty daylillies around the edge of the pool.  On the other end of the pool is the party deck where the fun goes down...it will open up to the fire pit area, which is a whole other drawering.

This has been a great investment for us and we've already enjoyed many great days and nights of pool time, I am soooo happy to spend the summer just chilling in our happy home!

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  1. I"m so jealous of the pool!! I also love your drawing and can't wait to see it come to fruition!

  2. yay! So fun, do most people above ground pools in Canada? So fun! Can't wait for the coming years to see how it changes, great vision though :)

  3. Summer isn't summer without pool time...just sayin'

  4. Oh, how I love your pool. I will come swim in it someday. The tall table would be a great swim up bar too :)!

  5. Such an awesome space!!! XO

  6. I can't wait to see how it progresses

  7. I think they are becoming more popular, the price difference is quite substantial.

  8. Swim up bar was exactly what I was thinking!


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