Oooooh, the lies.


We just pulled off the ultimate deception and I can't wait to tell you alllll about it!
You see....all my brother has ever wanted is a surprise party, so much so that he even asked for one. Now how do you surprise someone who wants to be surprised? Well, you weave a web of lies so intricate that you can't remember what's the truth.

Our process:
(and may I note, before I begin this, that I was working with my mom and sister who, like me are planners and task-doers, this couldn't have been easier)

Around Christmas time, we figured out our game plan, set a date and delegated tasks between Mom, Kyla and I.

1) We fixed the date for Brother's "30th Birthday Party" for the Easter weekend.  We surprised him with a lovely egg hunt with thoughtful messages, a supper with family and his bestie and a heartfelt video. The goal was to make him feel loved and hopefully appreciate the work we put into it.  But also to be a tiny bit disappointed.  Come on, it was his 30th after all.  See post here for my fake ramblings about our fake party.  I even purposely went all out with my blog posts in the hopes he would read them and see the sincerity in our party for him.

2) Rob's fiancĂ© Jen was in on it the whole time, but all she knew was that they were flying here for something.  She was a great sport and co-conspirator.

3) Kyla then had to pull off a best actress performance.  She booked her family in at Rob's place in Calgary for this past weekend, because they wanted to bring the girls to see Tomas the Train at Heritage Park.  They had meals planned, sleeping arrangements made and even the girls telling Rob how excited they were to go to his castle and play with him.  A couple of days before the weekend, Kyla texted Rob in a panic with a problem and a suggestion for a solution.  You see, we knew our brother would step up and help his sister out.  And we were right.

She then propositioned him with her idea of him flying out on Friday morning in order to drive back to Calgary with her so she wouldn't have to do it alone. Farmer Rob would get a ride to Calgary on Sunday with his mom who was going to help his sister. Muahaha.

Brother went for it, hook, line and sinker.  In the meantime, we had Jen booked to fly from Red Deer to Calgary and join him on the flight from Calgary to Saskatoon. So she made up a story to bring her back to Red Deer, on the Greyhound for a girls' night and that her aunt would be bringing her back on Friday.

4) Friday, May 1.
Rob is up super early to be at the airport (9am) for his 1230 flight. Typical Park early for being early. We had a moment where we thought he'd try to change his flight to an earlier time, but he settled in for breakfast at Chili's and a book and we were fine.  During all of this, Kyla and I were sitting at my house giddy, nervous and antsy for the plan to take action. It was like waiting for news of a new baby; we were so excited.  I must mention that mom printed us all out scripts for the weekend so everyone knew what was happening who what where when and how.
Jen flew to Calgary and successfully found Rob in the airport and snuck up on him. We had coached her with the story that she had received this flight information and package from us and was told not to ask any questions.  She wins best supporting actress for her deception.  Rob, at this point knows that something is up, and texts Kyla saying "What the hell..." she lets him know that she will be in the parking lot, waiting for him and the girls just wanted to have some fun.   He still thinks he is driving back to Calgary at this point.
Jen and Rob board their flight and are en route to land and "find the marked car for their next clue".

This is where part one of the "layer upon layer of surprises and lies" takes place.  I'm the official videographer and would follow them around, so I parked my car and had a clue on the windshield.  From here the first leg of our race would unfold which had Rob fly a Cessna, trampoline for 30 mins at Jump Apex,  try to escape the hardest room in Room Escape and then head back to Kyla's for a beer challenge.  There was a pit stop, they received a prize and were fed.  That's all they were told.  We also played the Amazing Race video for them (which I'm pretty sure he just thought was cool and that's about it) (the teaser video I have at the end of this post starts with the video he saw this night)  (I also used this video as the invites for the racers but had "details coming soon" at the end instead of the bit personalized for Rob).
 He knew at this point that he would start again at 10:30 the next morning.
We did have one more surprise coming for him that night. Because you know, he wanted a surprise party.  Jen's twin, Justine and her mom at this point were traveling from Brooks to Saskatoon and arrived at Kyla's at 10:30.  It was a perfect set up for being sneaky.  We were all sitting around watching the real Amazing Race and Jen snuck out, traded tops with Justine so that Justine could slide into the seat next to Rob.  He puts his hand on her leg, goes in for the snuggle (and likely a big, fat kiss) and BAM!  Also funny was the fact that only Kyla and I knew this was happening so Farmer Rob, Willis, Mom and Dad also got a good surprise.
Rob is still clueless, but at this point, has now surrendered to the unexpected.

5)  Saturday morning starts in typical Amazing Race style, with the teams lined up, waiting for Rob.  I'm pretty sure, at this point, he thought he was still driving back to Calgary.  But no, because there waiting for him was some of his best friends and family to take part in an adventure for the day.
And the race was off!  We had them do a tour at the Lucky Bastard distillery, climb the 50 foot wall at Grip It climbing, run across the train bridge and take a selfie with a picture of Rob on a stick, do a movie quotes challenge, swim 50 meters, haul palettes to the fire pit, do the Continental Drift and find colour coded letters on the acreage to make a word.  Our winners were Kevin, Jelena and Josh!  Rob apparently "didn't care if he won". Ya right.

We topped the night off with a wonderful BBQ put on by mom, a bonfire and fireworks. Oh and plenty of beer and laughter.

What a weekend!  Here are some of the better pictures and the teaser video that I quickly made with some of the footage.  Stay tuned on Friday when I post the Official "Rob is Amazing Race" video.

oh, the details!

They found the marked car

Selfie with a plane

Rob learning stuff

Mom forgot her team shirts, so they made some instead

Ready to jump


Room Escape.  We were handcuffed and blindfolded to start.

Beer knowledge

Pit Stop #1

Day 2


Listening intently so they can answer the question and get the next clue

The climb. Which Willis did twice. I'm so proud of my little racer

Selfie on a stick

Lunch from the Farmer's Market..which Rob made Jen eat in the car so that they could get to the next stop asap and wait

Team #2

The winners

I love my brother and sister the most!

Official Videographer

Willis and Chris running on the train bridge, when a train actually went by and Willis ran the whole way covering his ears

Movie quote challenge

And a relaxing evening!

Rob is Amazing Race video preview from Dee on Vimeo.

And that, my friends, is how we host an epic party, Park Style.

Race templates were bought from this site on ETSY
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  1. I am the luckiest dude ever. This was soooo much fun!!!!! Love my sisters. Even the adopted one !!


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