Spring Style Challenge Week 2


The Spring Challenge is in full swing and I'm having extra fun this go around.  I attribute that to a couple things: having friends already that I met during the challenge a year ago and having all the pieces already in my closet, which just makes it a matter of being creative.

Here's the summary of what I wore this past week:

Wednesday: Cardigan + Black Tank + Printed Scarf + White Jeans + Hoop Earrings + Wedges

I got a silly flat tire on Wednesday and had to change all my plans that day, including what I had planned to wear.  Then by the end of the day after I sorted it all out, I was ready to start feeling cute.  
Outfit details:
Scarf: H&M (old) I like this one
Jacket: Modcloth (here)
Shirt: Joe Fresh (old) Similar
Jeans: Kut for Cloth (Nordstrom)

Thursday: Chambray + White Tank + Dark Wash Jeans + Hoop Earrings + Bright Flats

This outfit made me feel young and fun and happy.  Not too sure if it was the mix of my favourite colours or getting to wear my Britney tee.....

Denim vest: Target (old) I just ordered this one because Christy couldn't stop talking about denim vests
Britney Tee: Because I love her. Don't judge.
Jeans: Jessica Simpson (The Bay)
Flats: Vince Camuto "Ellen"...comfiest shoes ever!
Purse: Kate Spade
Smile: Fake- I was grouchy taking pictures.

Friday: Bright Jacket + Printed Top + Dark Washed Jeans + Hoop Earrings + Wedges

Perfect outfit for hanging with me madre who is also doing the challenge!  I had fun with makeup this day and tested out a new coral lipgloss.
Jacket: Soia &Kyo
Tee: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Mossimo @ Target....which I hemmed myself!!!!! I feel so grown up
Shoes: Converse, old

Saturday: Cardigan + Gray Tee + White Jeans + Long Necklace + Sandals

It was a two outfit day.  One for roughing around the house and another for a night out celebrating my birthday!  My going out outfit was inspired from my 3 outfits à la Deena posts here.  I felt awesome in that outfit, so glad I got it!

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy, old
Gray Shirt: Forever 21, old
Jeans: Gap, old
Flats: Blowfish, old
old old old...just like me.

Sunday:   Chambray + White Tank + Printed Skirt + Stud Earrings + Bright Flats

Sunday was my birthday and I felt like wearing pallazzos....so I did.  It was also my nephew, Jamison's baptism.

Monday: Cardigan + Gray Tee + Printed Scarf + Dark Wash Jeans + Bright Flats

Kimono: Tonic.  If I was buying one now, I'd get this one.

Tuesday: Cardigan + Black Tee or Tank + Long Necklace + Coloured Denim + Sandals

This outfit made me smile all day !

Cardigan: Aritzia
Shirt:  Joe Fresh
Necklace: Local designer, Elizabeth Lyn
Pants: old, Beyond the Rack

My favourite outfit of these....I think I would pick my go out ensemble from Saturday night, simply because I'm not usually comfortable in dressy outfits and I think I could have worn this all night.

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  1. Deena, you always look great! My favorite outfit has to be the flannel and jeans. You look so comfy and relaxed. I also love the white jeans with the Kelly green jacket. Fabulous, as always!!

  2. I can't seem to choose a favorite this week because of course I live them all! There is something about the plaid shirt outfit I love. Something I may have not put together.... But I also love the kimono. I should get mine out.

  3. I'm pretty sure you're my WCW :) Kidding, but I love every outfit. Specifically the Brit t-shirt and the pallazzos

  4. You are so gorgeous in every outfit and you have such great style. I can't pick a favorite. And yay for Britney!

  5. Ditto what my good friend Lana said. You look so beautiful in every outfit. You are the kind of gal who can look great in a classy skirt-blouse-heels ensemble and just as great in a Britney tee, jeans and tennies. Pretty as a picture.

  6. I love that you always play with color and patterns! Something I need to do more of! Those palazzo pants look great on you friend! And you rocked that outfit for going out!

  7. I LOVE your clothes, seriously, the best colours and patterns EVER! That, and you look super cute and put together in everything.

  8. I LOVE those coloured pants!! By far my fave outfit. I also like your dressy outfit. I miss wearing clothes. I should clarify that. I miss wearing nice, stylish clothes! Lol

  9. You are always so stylish and your style is you. I love this about you! Looking gorgeous all dressed up and yet I love you in those converse.

  10. Thanks Carrie, that's a huge compliment coming from you!

  11. Aw, thanks...I don't always feel put together but hey...

  12. NC and SC are on our must travel to list. One day, my friend, one day. The beer is very enticing.

  13. OK, so I've decided...you need to make a trip to NC to go through my closet and style all my outfits...say for the next 6 months :) I'll pay you in beer and laughs :) Love all the looks!

  14. You also look mighty fine in your palazzos!

  15. hahahaha. But hugh's tee shirts are sooo nice!

  16. bahahah, best. compliment. ever. You make me smile

  17. I would challenge you then, my friend, to try to dress like me....and then I'll dress like you.

  18. Love your white pants! I found your blog through Stashed By Sara. I host a link up every Wednesday based on my white pants outfits (still live) so stop by if you get a chance :)



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