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Can I just start by saying that there are so many wonderful people in this world? So many wonderfully kind and thoughtful people that made me feel so special and loved this weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I was born Dena Anne Park.  Weird, that's not how my name is currently spelled.  First off, this is what mom says about how I got my name:
April 10th 1979, your dad's best friend Dean was killed in car accident by Holbein. we couldn't go to funeral because i was on bed rest with toxemia, so we decided if you were a boy you would be Dean, if a girl Dena, Aunty Theresa's mother-in-law's name was Dena so I knew it was a girl's name. That's how. and on our first trip home to Shellbrook a few weeks later we took you over to Dean's parents and they were so pleased by your name and Granny Pepper (Dean's granny) made you that beautiful pink knitted blanket. 
But why am I now Deena? That's because rebelious 13 year old me was sick of people pronouncing it Denna, so we had it legally changed to its current spelling.  That's why.

I love birthdays and not just mine.  I love celebrating, thinking of something to do for that person, making cakes, eating cakes, but mostly I love the thoughts that go into birthdays.
It's nice to feel loved, isn't it?
We did a lot celebrating because it just happened that my sweet nephew, Jamison had his baptism yesterday so the house was full of family and there was lots going on and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday night my brother and his new fiancĂ©, Jen arrived and we had Dan's brother, Chris and his wife over.  Rob and Chris (my brother, Dan's brother) both were in the same grade in school and high school buddies and yes, I taught both of Dan's brothers...so it's easy for everyone to get together and we always have a good time.  I decided to have some fun with crepes and make some savoury ones instead of my typical dessert crepes.  I'll have to do a whole blog post on that because oh, my it was something else.  We ate, we caught up, we celebrated and we laughed. It was a great evening.  Jen had also just finished finals (she's in nursing) so we kinda celebrated a lot.


Friday night was a chance to take Rob and Jen to the new VIP theatre in Saskatoon because Calgary doesn't have one.  That seems backwards.  Other Rob was supposed to come but our chaperone, my dad came in his place.  Which worked well because we were seeing Fast and the Furious.  The movie was a little ....over the top, but it was nice to get out.

Saturday was spent doing yard work and lazying around, watching the Jays and some playoff basketball.  Saturday night my sister planned a surprise which ended up being THE BEST NIGHT EVER.   Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate being surrounded by such wonderful women and my family. We started off with a Monet Inspired Art Party at 4 cats and then went out for a fantastic Crawfish Boil at Bon Temps.  What a way to celebrate!

Sunday was the baptism and celebration at Kyla's house after, we also celebrated Kinsey's upcoming (Wednesday) 5th birthday.  In the end I started feeling sick, but I think it was mostly a run down sick that I'm sure is being caused by the nutso week we had last week, but more on that later.  Nothing a couple good sleeps won't help.

What a weekend!  Between all the family and friends around and the thoughtful gifts and emails and facebook messages, I'm definitely feeling the love all over.  Thank you all!

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  1. Happy birthday girlie! Us 36 year olds have to stick together! 1979 for the win! What a fun weekend

  2. Lots of birthday fun for a special lady. You are loved, Deena...by so many!

  3. The best kind of birthday - surrounded by family and friends and just having fun! Happy, happy birthday!

  4. Wow, an entire weekend of celebrations of all sorts. Thank you for sharing the fun with us. XO

  5. So glad you had a fabulous weekend!! What fun pics!! Happy Birthday again!!

  6. Happy Birthday again friend! What a great time celebrating!
    And that is crazy that you changed your name at 13yo! Is it crazy that the only other person I know that has legally changed their name was my grandpa? He was born Marvin Robert Cook, but before entering the military he changed it to Robert Marvin Cook. My grandma always called him Marv when I was little and I never understood it! lol!

  7. Ya, it was busy but well worth the fun.

  8. Thanks! I can't believe my mom actually let me change my name......

  9. Happy belated birthday. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures, and for the story of your name. Those are always the best stories!


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