This Room. It's my favourite.


There should be no surprise when I say that my closet is my favourite room in my house. Yes, it's a room.
You likely even have seen inside it, I have blogged about it numerous times:
What it looked like in the buildling stage
When we first moved in
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What you also shouldn't really be surprised about is that the design/style of the closet is always changing.  In fact, I think it has changed so much that I'm ready to post some new pictures of the little things I've been doing to make it feel more homey.  Also- when I went back at looked at my "When we first moved in" post, I see tons of improvement on the cluttery-ness of it.  I've been trying to put some personal touches in the closet, there's an entire cubby dedicated to my Grams.....

 Now, I have a friend who is a super talented decorator and I will be doing a home tour of her incredible house.  I  have posted about Alison and Mike before and now it's your turn to check out their gorgeous home!

Details to come on this house when I do a home tour later this month!
Have a great Monday.

Also come back on Friday when the Style Me Bloggers are linking up with things that we've made; we're showing our crafty sides!

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  1. OK, first of all, I am still swooning and coveting your closet :) But secondly, oh my word---any chance that Alison & Mike are looking to adopt a 37 year old gal?!? What a magnificent home! Happy Monday!

  2. LOVE your closet! So jealous!!! One day :) And that house is gorgeous!!!

  3. What an awesome closet--- it's more like a dressing room actually. Very fancy :-) and that house-- my word!!!

  4. Whoa!! I'm loving that closet very nice!!

  5. Seriously....your closet is my favorite tooooooooooo
    Oh and also....I'm coming to visit!! Beautiful home Deena!!

  6. I could just come live in your closet - you'd never know I was there, honest! Can't wait to see the home tour - your friend's home looks beautiful!

  7. I have never thought of it as a dressing room....I think I"m gonna start using that!

  8. We could have wine or diet coke together in it!

  9. It's a crazy beautiful house, I'm definitely going to be doing a better post on it in the future!

  10. Yes, please. I love to spend time with you

  11. Love your Buddha quote. Perfect description of a life well-lived. You do have such a roomy, comfy closet. Great place to just cozy up. It must be wonderful to have windows and natural light in a place where you are matching up clothes. My whole house is so dark, it is a wonder I ever dress in outfits that match. Will be looking forward to the home tour. I should do that with my BFF's house. It is a show place, too!


Have a lovely day!

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