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I'm so pleased to bring back the Mommy Diaries after an almost 4 year hiatus.  If you want to check out any of the past posts, please go back to the tabs on my main page or here.  I've spent some time re-designing them so they would be prettier.  
What's really neat is that a lot of the ladies who are participating this go around have posted in the past, but we also have some more experienced mommy voices who were willing to share.  This year's topics are my mommy brain, my mommy fail and my mommy victory and the ladies picked to cover them all or just one or two.

So without further delay, the March Mommy Diary blog takeover starts today with the gal who is behind the comeback...she gave me the idea and the topics over one of many many popcorn movie dates. Thanks, Sara! 
I have a co-worker who told me once that no matter what was happening in her week she always did a load of laundry on Wednesday night.  Thinking this was completely crazy, I relished in the ignorant fact that I do not live my life by such silly guidelines.  Alas, after much reflection and ridicule from my loved ones, I’ve come to realize I have developed “mommy brain” and I have weird habits and procedures which govern my daily life.  Here are a few:
1. Macy started sleeping through the night at about 3 weeks old.  My older son, Aiden, didn’t sleep through the night until he was over 3 so I was not oblivious to how lucky I was to have a sleeping baby.  I was so convinced that her night sleeping would end that every evening I prepared for middle of the night feedings.  I would make sure that I had a full glass of water at the top of the stairs so that if she ever woke up I would not have to go down stairs to get nourishment because I always wake up thirsty.  I would also put my remote control in my nursing chair so I would not have to stumble around to find it mid slumber.  I did this for 5 months straight and to my glee Macy continued to sleep through the night.  Then it became because of superstition that if I put my water and remote in the right place then Macy wouldn’t wake. There were nights that I would go to bed before my husband and when he came to bed I would get up and move the remote to the right spot.  Still to this day (Macy is now 20 months old) I always make sure my water and remote are properly positioned before I go to bed.  I will note that she still sleeps through the night so maybe there is something to this water/remote positioning thing…   

 2. I thought this was standard but I have learned recently that not everyone does this. I have cups that are specifically for water.  You cannot put anything but water in my water cup; it completely taints the taste of the water.  I have to buy a new cup if someone (most likely my husband) screws this up and puts juice or pop in my water cup.  I didn’t even realize how anal I was about this until my mom came over to babysit.  She gave Aiden juice in his water cup and he refused to drink it out of fear of my reaction…am I really that scary about my water cups ??

 3. I could sweep my floors 24/7 and still see crumbs.  I have very dark hardwood floors and it’s a constant battle in my house to keep the floors clean.  Crumbs get in-between the gaps in the hardwood which could keep me busy for hours trying to clean.  As soon as I put the broom away I see more crumbs and I sweep more and then more crumbs appear and I sweep and then more and I sweep and then more and it never ends.

 4. I love movies!  My favourite thing to do is go to the theater with my besties and escape into another world for a few hours.  I watch all the award shows and act like I’m a movie junkie.  However, I never watch movies at home.  If I don’t see a movie in the theater I don’t see the movie.  There have been so many movies I wanted to see but since I didn’t see it at the theater I don’t watch it.  I’ve tried to watch a few movies at home but it’s never panned out.  So for someone that loves movies I haven’t seen very many.  The exception is Disney or cartoon movies because I’ve seen all of them…multiple times…

 5. I’m a fountain drink junkie.  My favourite thing is diet coke from a soda fountain with tons of ice.  Pop from a bottle or can is not the same.  The best treat anyone can give me is a Big Gulp from 7-11 or a Polar Pop from Mac’s.  This is what I asked my friends to bring me in the hospital after I had my daughter and this was my first stop when coming back to Canada after a trip.  Screw the Starbucks and you can keep your Timmies - give me a fountain drink!

 6. A lot of people are particular about their kitchens as am I, which is kinda weird for me because I don’t really cook.  My crazy thing is I can NOT under any circumstances leave dishes to dry in the sink.  I’ve tried and it gave me so much anxiety I’ll never do it again. It’s giving me heart palpitations thinking about it right now.  I’m ashamed to admit that I have been late to events or activities because I simply couldn’t leave clean dishes in the sink to dry. 

There you have it.   I have crazy “mommy brain". It's a good thing my friends and family love me. Now I must go sweep my floors. 

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  1. These are all SO Sara. I think she should start a blog.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for the mommy diaries. I still have little routines that I do every night, and my kids are 20 and 17. Once a mom, always a mom. This was so fun to read!

  3. I've never heard of the water cup thing, although don't tell my husband because I'm sure that he would jump on board! He's very particular about what cup his tea goes into...

  4. I agree with you Christy! what a fun person you are Sara!


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