Mommy Diaries: My Aunty Phyllis


I love when I get any entry from an experienced mom, especially when it's one of my wonderful Aunts.  Today's post comes all the way from Oakville, Ontario from my Aunty Phyllis who loves collecting china and has great stories.  


For a couple of years, I carpooled  to get our oldest son to and from school every day.  My driving partner wasn't always that reliable and one day, when school was out at noon, she failed to deliver my kid by lunch time.  I waited and waited but still no show.  So, I loaded up my littler guy and away we went to the school to see what was up.  Just as I arrived my driving partner came out of the school  and there was my kid, leaning against her car, saying "I told you she would come".    I figure every kid on this planet should be that confident.   Get me home for lunch on time OR ELSE.


  1. haha, Love that he knew her so well :) I hope my kids are that confident one day!

  2. Hahaha. I can just picture him leaning against the car, waiting for his mom!

  3. My kids would be screaming at me.

  4. it makes me wonder how my kids will come to know me....


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