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 I don't know what is crazy or over the top.  Sometimes I feel that my obsession with cleanliness is over the top and possibly my love of organizing.  I even notice my kids saying they are organizing their stuff or room.  I think it is cute, but Ralph is worried I am creating OCD tendencies :)  Carter wanted his lego "organized" by colour, so I bought him some storage bins.  Brooklyn wanted the bins as well to "organize" her Barbie clothes and accessories.  AWESOME!

 Recently I have been inspired to organize our finances and in so doing that I created a magnet board of receipts, organized by headings such as: food, gas, personal care, kids, etc.  My hope is that since the receipts are organized from the moment they enter the house, I can keep on top of it more easily.  I also created a binder labelled "Household Budget", where I will keep the monthly budget, the receipts, and bills.  We will see how this goes.  I do feel that when you actually look at what you are spending, you spend less.  Sort of the same when you are watching what you eat.  I would love more ideas for this area if anyone has any they would like to share.

I think I can come up with many fails, but one I still feel bad about is this....I value organization as my above two topics both mention, but sometimes having such as busy life with a busy family and not the best memory causes me to forget something.  Most recently I forgot Carter's first Reconciliation class at church.  We were coming in to church for the 11:30 am mass and his friends were leaving- it was then that I realized I forgot about the class and he was sad he missed it when his friend mentioned he was in his group.  Fail!  Oops.  There are just TOO many things to remember and sometimes I forget to click alert on my phone or I enter the wrong dates/times, or sometimes I don't remember my phone at all.  I guess we can't be perfect all the time after all

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  1. My boys used to share my organization skills - but then they became teenagers!

  2. loving the graphic you came up for this. I love organizing. It just makes you feel good and accomplished.

  3. I wish I would have got a picture of Liz's office set's so cute and unique.


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