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One of my besties, Jordan, is up today.   I always look forward to reading her blog and hearing her thoughts on life, she's one of the good ones.

I am the documenting queen. Seriously. 
·         Our kids have detailed baby books. I have written down all the particulars and included pictures from their first year.
·         I make monthly videos. They are typically 3 – 5 minutes long and they stream to our t.v. through Apple TV. You might be surprised how much Calder LOVES watching these.
·         I created yearly photo albums for ourselves and the grandparents. 
·         I blog about lots of the big and small moments that occur in our lives. I get these printed yearly into books.

Sometimes I wonder if the kids will read the blog books or watch the movies when they are older, but most of the time I don't really care. I already love reading the books and watching the movies. This might be more of a selfish victory than a mommy victory! 

·         Did you read my post where Boone was part of a poop slip and slide? Did I mention he ate a significant amount?Read here
·           Did you read about when Calder and I got in a hitting match?  Read here

These are just two examples of my fails. I have fails everyday! Most recently, I had a big fail that flies in the face of my victory. Calder had two separate birthday parties and I didn't take any photos or video at either event! I wanted to cry when I realized it! Luckily for me, Deena took some footage at one of the parties, saving my butt!
One thing I realized as I reflected on my victories and failures was that I certainly spend significantly more time thinking about my failures than I do my victories. I have failures everyday, but I have WAY more victories. I let myself forget that planning healthy meals, encouraging my kids and taking them to events and playdates, and even doing laundry are all victories. Reflecting on the fails is not all bad. In order to become better, I need to think about ways to improve. I just want to do better at not letting the fact that I lost my marbles when Boone had a screaming fit outside a sleeping Lawson's room define my day!

Thanks, Deena for doing this project. It helped me remember to be kinder to myself :-)

You can follow Jordan's blog here.  She previously posted in the Mommy Diaries here and here.  Her 30 somethings post is found here and she wrote about What Love Looks like to her here


  1. lol poop slip and slide!!
    I wish I were nearly as good as you at documenting!! that reminds me, need to finish Annabelle's baby book before this new one arrives... eek

  2. Wow Jordan, you are amazing! The monthly videos, so awesome!

  3. Jordan has some seriously good documenting skills! I love her point about focusing more on the positive than the negative - hard to do but so important!


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