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My True Blue Bestie, Christy is up today. She is cute and lovely and full of energy ALL. THE. TIME.
Having a now 4 and 6 year old it is harder to blame the silly things you do on 'Mommy Brain'.  Believe me, I got a solid 3 years out of this excuse!  I think as moms we have so much on our minds and so much to do, that sometimes something just slips between the cracks.  For example, last month I got up to go to work like usual leaving the kids with their babysitter for the day.  I barely made it to work and Jasmin texted to ask if Grady had school that day as he was saying he didn't.  I told her he must be confused and that he didn't have school the next day but that he did have school that day.  A few minutes later she texted me back and said his agenda said no school that day.  I guess I was the one that was confused!  He in fact did not have school!  Now I make a mental note to ask Grady what is in his agenda that day before assuming it is nothing important.  A classic example of 'Mommy Brain'!  

In our house we've have a pants optional rule.  When they were young and you were constantly changing diapers we often just didn't put pants on unless we were leaving the house.  So people just expected that our kids would be pantless when they came over.  Then they got older and when we went for play dates they would often keep their pants on until they went to the bathroom then they insisted on leaving their pants off.  You had to consider a compliment if they did this as they only did it places they felt comfortable, like Nana's or a good friend.  To this day, my kids prefer to have their pants off but at least we try and restrict to when we are at home by ourselves.  

To me a Mommy Victory would be defined as anything that brings a giant smile to one of my kids faces.  A perfect gift, a favorite story, a birthday party in their favorite theme.  I just want to see my kids happy and lord knows that I make them angry all the time by refusing to feed them ketchup chips for breakfast.  Cooper seriously asks every day.
If I were looking at myself and analyzing what I do good it would probably be organization.  I get them to all their events, I make sure I get them in their favorite activities, I plan play dates, and overall manage the family calendar.  I certainly do not bake enough, clean enough, or do anything pinterest worthy!  I also think taking care of the organization stuff is a thankless job, so I have to pat myself on the back.  It is time consuming and stressful on online registration nights, but again, I do it to get that big smile. And the glass of wine that generally follows registration for swimming lesons!

Christy has blogged many times for me because that's her role as my true blue.  You can read her Mommy Diaries here and here, her Fashion posts here and here, her 30 somethings here and her On What Love is here

She can follow her story on her blog here 

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  1. I learned years ago that my kids know their schedule better than I do most days! I had one of each - one that wanted to be naked all the time, and one that couldn't wait to get dressed.


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