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Becky is up today, we're from the same town, but have only met through instagram and our blogs. Weird how this world works.

I sweep. All the time. It doesn't even matter if I need to or not, I do it. It started out when Finley was still a toddler and was dropping food all over. I found that sweeping was such an easy task and it made the biggest difference.  I just kinda got obsessive about it. Now if only the same thing relationship could develop between me and my mop ;) 

I think I am pretty good at buying things second hand. I hate spending real money on kids clothes and games only for them to be destroyed a week later. I belong to several Facebook buy n sell sites and have been known to scour Kijiji. Nothing beats the rush of scoring super cute clothes for under a $$. I recently sold all our basement stuff and bought "new" stuff on Kijiji. Instead of spending $900+tax, we spent $275. You can't beat that. 

I thought this would be the easiest question to answer but it turns out it's been the hardest. Last summer Penelope went through a phase where she was constantly taking her clothes off and insisting she be called Mystery. It was so fitting for a stripper that it was mortifying and hilarious at the same time. 

You can follow Becky on her blog, Vintage Pink Basket


  1. LOL, Mystery...cracks me up. Hopefully a short lived phase! Yes to consignment stores, I try not to buy anything full price!

  2. My boys always wore clothes from consignment stores when they were little, because they were so hard on them, and I couldn't stand paying full price. They got pickier when they were teenagers, darn it!


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