My Christmas home tour


Welcome to my Christmassy home for 2014.  Which would feel much more Christmassy if the snow hadn't melted.  I'm all for snow at Christmas.  Lots of it.
But, the show must go on.  So here is what our house looks like this year.

The entry

Not so much the decor, but I love this picture.

I have fallen in love with fake candles that run on 8-10 hour timers.  They light up this room so beautifully at night, plus they keep the house feeling warm through the long winter nights.  My mantle this year is focused on the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

I have yet to decorate this alcove....Oops.

The island needs a good tidying, but you get the idea...and yes, that is a turnip in a cup. No comment.

our advent wreath centrepiece

Entry table

Christmas card display

Basement hallway.  I rotate out the kids work around the holidays.  I keep a stash pile for each holiday in my storage room.

Basement decor

You can check out this post and this post to see how I've decorated in the past.
and always I make some photo art to replace my seasonal photos. Here are two of my new ones in our master bath:

Make sure that you check out my other blogger friends to see what they do for decor.  I love looking at other people's houses.  Stay tuned for the new year and all the new linkups that we'll be having!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I just love your home, and especially with Christmas decorations. Not only is it beautiful, it always looks so warm and inviting. Love the idea of the candles with a timer - where did you find them? Hope all is going well today - you're in my thoughts and prayers!

    1. I collect the candles from everywhere...but I only get the ones that have 4 or 8 hour timers. THanks for all the thoughts and prayers this week, muchly appreciated.

  2. Your house is a HOME! So full of your great energy and spirit, and love spilling out everywhere. I am so jealous of the pretty "frosting" on the things outside your front door. Love the snowflakes in the window. Everything is truly lovely. Hope you can find comfort today in the memories of your grandmother and the love of your family. XO

    1. This house does kinda feel homey....mostly when it's tidied and not screaming proof that 4 kids under 7 live here. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.

  3. I love your house! So beautiful Deena! My favorites have to be the kid art work and those snowflakes hanging from the window :)

    1. Thanks! I most admit that the kid parts are my faves too

  4. I KNEW your house would impress!!!! well done my friend!!

  5. Love your home!! All you Christmas decorarations and special little touches are awesome!!


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