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Today is the last link up with the LifeStyle Sistas...who have quickly become some of my favourite virtual friends...except for Christy. I know her more than virtually. We cuddled. Actually, I cuddle her, she hates it.
Carrie, Christy, Lana, Shaunacey

What are my Top 5 pieces from my wardrobe?
That's a tough question.
If you were to pick 5 pieces from the wardrobe, what would you pick?
I pondered this one so long that the post didn't get done on the weekend, like I normally would have done. Instead I procrastinated because I couldn't make up my mind and now it's the night before and I'm scrambling. Because I couldn't choose 5 pieces.
So then I decided that something happened, like maybe I lost 100 lbs, okay not that much, let's say 50 (which is my actual long term goal).  Which 5 pieces would I go out of my way to buy again or have altered.
That made this question easier to answer.

So without any more babble, here are the 5 pieces I would save :

I feel like I kinda have to explain because my choices are...random?

#1- Shoes from Hubby. Because he's the best. And these make me smile and feel sexy.
#2- Tiger's comfy and cozy and really is sooo very me. Roar.  See it styled here
#3-  New ModCloth Sweater, Only Ewe. ...this came in the mail on a bad day this week and instantly put a smile on my face. I have lots of pieces that represent moments in my the "What? She cheated???!!" jacket or the "hey, it's nice to meet you from Belgium" shoes.  Most pieces are linked to a memory. This cozy sweater is like a fuzzy hug. And it's cute.
#4- My Jays shirt. I wear this one a lot.  I love the Jays and mostly I love Alomar...we met him once and it was soooo wonderful.
#5- The Blardigan. So much goodness in this blanket/cardigan!
#5.5- HUE leggings. As seen in Wednesday's post.  I could go every day in these, they are the new lulus/sweats for me.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great choices. And who says I don't like to cuddle? Funny that I talk about you in my post today as well!

  2. I knew you would be a proper fashion blogger and have fabulous shoes! I think you chose very well - I could have looked at this anywhere and known it was you! My post is finally up, after a problem with too much wind and no power! Have a great weekend.


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