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It's pajama day in our house.  All. The. Time.
Sadly, when I say it's PJ day, for my kids, what that really means is that they're running around in their undies.
For me, that means something else, because pajama days are the best kind of days, especially on the chilly winter afternoons, ahem, nights.
So when I was contacted by the very friendly, Lindsay at Casper Mattresses to do a post on my version of bedtime style, I was more than enthused; I was ready to make her my new BFF!
What a brilliant idea! Why haven't I thought of this before???
And if you get a chance to check out  Casper, which is a new memory foam mattress company, you'll quickly see how thrilled I was when they asked me to take part in their Beauty Sleep Challenge.  Their investors are the likes of Ashton Kutcher (I may or may not have refered to myself as Mme. Kutcher when I was teaching grade 7, to amuse them.  Or me. Whatever.), Nas and designer Steven Alan. “Check out the Casper Mattress Facebook page for more! 

On me: Simon's Quilt Grunge NightshirtHUE leggings from The Bay, freshly brewed coffee, nude face and authentic bedhead. Okay, maybe not completely nude face, I did sneak some lipgloss.

I love getting ready for bed (hello, Clarisonic and Boscia Luminizing Black Mask) and who doesn't love to sleep?  It is a known fact that I need a good 8-10 hours a night to run on all levels of awesome. But what I love even more is a good pair of PJs and cozy slippers.
One of my favourite Christmas traditions is getting new flannel pajamas.  This year, both sister and I (she happens to be living with us right now) picked out the same red buffalo plaid flannel pajamas.  This can be very confusing to our husbands.  Good thing she's 8ish months pregnant.

                       Reading Outlander in bed in Buffalo Plaid and Padraigs.

                                           My Christmas pajama selection.

The best pajamas for me are the comfy ones, especially any onesie.  Sister Bear and I both (shocker) got red onesies last year from the Drake General Store.  They are so cute, they even have a butt flap!  Where do you get your pajamas from? Any traditions I need to know about (so I can steal them)?

Check out my Cozy Sleepwear Pinterest Board where you can find these beauties (hint, hint most of them come from my favourite Canadian department store) and then there are other great slippers and onesies too that are definite must haves for this winter!   Also check out Casper on Pinterest  for some serious bedtime encouraging posts.

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  1. I clearly need to check out Simons for some pyjamas. That nightgown with the deer on it is seriously calling my name.

    1. Yes!!! There is so much cute stuff there that is totally your style!

  2. Back from vacay and getting caught up on my favorite blogs! I LOVE flannel, cozy pajamas and honestly would stay in them all day, except my hubby seems to frown upon it. Bah humbug. LOVE your buffalo plaid :)!

    1. What's with hubbies not supporting us wearing pjs all day???


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