NYC, Day 5: the one with all the shopping


We spent 8 hours at Woodbury Common Outlet today.  8.  Actually, I think we could have done another hour or two had the bus times for return trips been normal.  But they weren't.  I think the husbands plotted that.

8 hours at the outlet brought many purchases.
Kyla's favourite purchase was her Marc Jacobs' bag.
Mom's favourite is some black tank top with leather accents
My favourite is the Tory Burch cognac clutch/crossbody bag.

We all left happy.  Mind you, we did have to drag Mom out of some old lady stores and we spent what seemed like a lot of time convincing her that she could wear a skirt.  And then there was all the time spent pondering purchases and picking out just that right piece.

I felt like I was a smart shopper today (and I also feel like I need some high fives).  There were a couple times where I was standing in line, ready to purchase a very cute sweater, or denim vest, when I decided in the end that I really didn't need it.

Instead I stuck to my basic list of things (that I feel) that I needed (that husband likely feels that I don't).

I found my cloak/poncho cape.
I found booties.  Two pairs, in fact: one high, one low, one black/greys, one brown.
I found a leopard belt that I was looking for during the Work Wear challenge.

All in all, I'm a happy camper.
I also, over the course of the 5 days here, managed to get my Cmas shopping done for the hubster and for Lucia.  Willis is mostly done now too, but I'm missing a couple little things.

It has been a great trip.
We came back in time for a nice, late supper and a last stroll through Times Square and now we're trying to figure out how to put all this stuff in our suitcases.
Mom did have to buy a second, but really WHO packs a small carry on and that's it? Crazy lady, I tell ya.

One last sleep in our cozy beds and we're back home, and super excited to hug our babies.

And then there were none.

The EVERYTHING I loved at Kate Spade.  

Trying to convince Mom that she could pull this off, as long as she gave up her old lady sheer black nylons

Drinks and our hotel

A lucky little boy will be getting a treat....


  1. Ahhhhh shopping! My happy place. I've put in a good shift at that outlet to. Good work! Love the dress n your mom! Loved reading all about trip as it happened!

  2. It was so fun to follow along on your trip. Those Kate Spade dresses - gorgeous! Safe trip home.

  3. how fun! Your mom can TOTALLY pull off that skirt, and yes, just say no to black nylons!

  4. Love these posts! Glad you had such a great trip! You ladies scored super cute stuff!! LOVE THE SHOES!!!

  5. So fun reading this post! Love those Kate Spade dresses!



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