NYC: Day 3; I`m on a roll.


Today was the first real shopping day which took us, in the rain, to Union Square where we wanted to visit Nordstrom Rack and DSW.  It poured all morning and was humid all the same time, I shouldn't really have spent so much time putting makeup on when it was sweated and rained off in the first 5 minutes outside.  On brighter note, we managed to navigate the Subway system without an error and Mom even hailed a cab.
Purchases were made at each store and I think everyone came out happy.  I found booties and a cream sweater (exactly what I wanted) but started feeling ill in Nordstrom.  No, hubby, it was not shopper's remorse.  I think I over-heated.  By the time we stopped for lunch at 5 napkins, I could barely eat and was seriously contemplating going back to the hotel.  But luckily the tylenol kicked in and I got my body temperature regulated and I started feeling normal again.
But then Kyla was starting to get tired, she is 6 months pregnant, after all.  So we decided the shopping Gods were probably trying to tell us to put an end to our shopping day.  We therefore headed up to Grand Central Station and the Public Library to take a peak.  None of us had been and I'm glad we got a chance; they were both quite beautiful.  

We didn't last too long as Kyla needed to lay down, but not so bad that we couldn't stop in at the H&M conveniently located across the street.  Stuff was bought, but not a lot.
Rest time was inevitable at the hotel, but I got bored or hungry or both and decided to head up for the hors d'oeuvres in the Club Lounge.  It was quite the pleasant view, Central Park and sunshine, while I read Outlander.

It was then time to get ready for tonight's musical, If/Then with the one and only Idina Menzel, SOOO excited!  I went for the old lady/floral look with bright orange lipstick look.  Bathroom selfies are fun.

 We walked there, stopping for a slice of pizza before the show and enjoyed the crazy of Times Square.

The show was amazing, Idina...there were no words.  And I was also pleased to see the other main guy character, (Anthony Rapp in that picture) was also in Rent and Dazed and Confused.  This show had a great message and might have made me cry a couple times.  Also, did I mention Idina Menzel??? Her voice is insane.  I feel like now I don`t want to ever see anyone else perform.  Done deal.  She is the queen.

After the show I wanted to fan girl and get autographs but there was already a huge lineup and we were hungry.  I had another slice of pizza (but I didn't eat my lunch so it's all good).  Mom is already curled up (and paralyzed, so she claims) in bed, Kyla is yacking with her husband and I`m doing my thing, blogging away, like I said I wouldn't do. Ah well, it will be good record keeping for when I want to remember what we did.


  1. You are having such a great adventure! Love that you are keeping us in the loop (but totally understood had you not). Gorgeous photo of you in the bathroom. Best lighting ever! (Not to mention your pretty face!)

  2. You look stunning in the bathroom selfie. I really need you to give me selfie lessons. Idina Menzel.....sighing over here.

  3. I love you in that lipstick! Looks fantastic and what a great trip. I read through all of them backwards, actually. But looks like such a great trip! So many shows, how amazing!


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